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i love history and as its now summer, i decided to research what was happening in the world throughout history during the summer months - june, july and august.

i've began with the roaring 20's and hopefully i'll carry this on through to the 90's.

i hope you like this article, it's very different to what i normally do!

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➳ july 30th - august 8th

the 1st world scout jamboree was hosted in london.

➳ august 26th

the 19th amendment to the united states constitution is passed, granting women the right to vote.

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➳ july 18th

the first ever BCG vaccination is given against tuberculosis.

➳ july 27th

insulin is discovered by researchers led by sir frederick banting at the university of toronto.

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➳ june 11th

nanook of the north by robert j. flaherty premieres in the US. this film is a silent documentary-drama & is known as the first commercially successful documentary film, exploring the lives an inuit family living in northern quebec, canada.

➳ july 11th

the hollywood bowl, one of the most famous ampitheater's in the world, opens for the very first time.

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➳ july 13th

the famous hollywood sign is unveiled in california. it originally read hollywoodland but the 'land' part was removed in 1949.

the first dinosaur eggs were discovered by roy chapman andrews near flaming cliffs in mongolia.

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➳ june 4th

e.m. forster's novel a passage to india is published.

➳august 5th

the comic strip little orphan annie made it's debut in the new york daily news.

the original 'it girl' clara bow starred in her first leading role in the film wine, which is now sadly presumed to be lost.

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➳ june 3rd

legendary american movie actor tony curtis was born.


➳ june 1st

hollywood legend marilyn monroe was born.

➳ june 3rd

the famous poet & icon of the beat generation, allen kinsberg was born.

➳ august 5th

the first film to have sound effects & musical soundtrack, don juan premiered for the first time.

➳ august 23rd

italian silent movie icon rudolph valentino dies, aged 31, after developing pleuritis. he fell into a coma and passed hours later, his last words allegedly being ''don't pull the blinds! i feel fine. i want the sunlight to greet me."

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➳ july 6th

american movie actress janet leigh was born.

➳ july 11th

the very first 7-eleven store was opened in dallas, texas.

➳ august 10th

president coolidge oversaw the start of gutzon borglum's project on the now famous president sculptures on mount rushmore.

➳ august 12th

wings was presented for the first time, starring clara bow and gary cooper and remains the only silent film to ever to win the 'best picture' academy award.

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➳ june 18th

amelia earhart became the first ever woman to fly across the atlantic ocean.

➳ july 3rd

the first television set was made available to buy in the US for $75.

➳ july 6th

the first ever all-talking full-length movie, lights of new york premiered in new york city.

➳ july 26th

the influential film director, stanley kubrick, known for the shining and the clockwork orange, was born.

➳ july 28th

the opening ceremony for the summer olympics in amsterdam took place.

➳ august 6th

pop artist andy warhol was born.

august 12th

the summer olympics closing ceremony took place with the US winning the medal count with 22 gold medals, 56 in total.

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➳ june 12th

diarist, anne frank, well known for the diary of a young girl was born.

➳ july 5th

twelve nude paintings by the english writer & poet d h lawrence were seized by the police due to 'indecency'.

➳ july 28th

future first lady jacqueline lee bouvier (known as jackie kennedy onassis) was born.

➳ august 18th

the first women's race in aviation, the women's air derby, began in santa monica, california. it is also known as the powder puff derby. louise thaden later won on the 26th.

➳ august 21st

mexican art icons frida kahlo and diego rivera were married.

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that is all! i hope you liked this little article & timeline of some interesting events that happened during the summer in the 1920's. next stop - the 30's!

enjoy your summer! 🌞🌈✨

sources: mainly wikipedia, but also thoughtco.