Seaching on the internet about Anxiety I found this techniques and I think this techniques may help people like Me and You on the future. When you're having a anxiety attack and think you feel you've lost all control of your surroundings. Here some types of techniques may help you.
They are called ↪ANXIETY GROUNDING TECHNIQUE ↩ it's based on the person try to ☞FOCUS ON THERE BREATING☜ .. they have to identify:

↪ 5 things you can see 👀👀👀👀👀
↪2 things you can smell 👃👃
↪3 things you can hear 👂👂👂
↪4 things you can touch 👋👋👋👋
↪1 thing you can taste 👅

↘ Honestly I didn't know about this techniques, but I definitely going to try them on the future. I just a normal girl, I not a doctor but everyday I try to research was much as I can to help me. I trying to live a normal life, cause it's not easy to someone live a life with anxiety and panic attacks.
Hope this techniques help you in the future during the attacks and hope someone find them useful.