Hey so I never do this but summer is really boring cuz all my friends are overseas and I can't find a job to keep myself busy so I thought this would be fun pass time. Anyways enjoy!


name: areej dunya ramsis
birthday: december 10, 1999 (sagittarius)
age: 19
ethnicity: half russian and egyptian
nationality/birthplace: canadian (toronto)
hp house: slytherin
language(s): english, (egyptian) arabic, french, russian, and spanish


eyes and girl image model, beautiful, and curly hair image body, fitness, and goals image Image removed brown, curly hair, and highlight image 90, Adriana Lima, and angel image Image by Sasscia curly, hair, and hairstyle image
green-hazel big yet seductive eyes, long thick and full lashes, low arch full dark brows, strong jaw and chin, high cheekbones and hollow cheeks, small turned up noses, full rosy lips, dark brown (almost black) thick curly hair, slim toned body build with some curves, brown-tan skin, long legs, 5'9 1/2 and 50 kg

what i'm famous for

model, chanel, and dior image vogue, drink, and wine image behind the scene, brunette, and car image selena gomez, selena, and beauty image
supermodel who was discovered during a summer job running errands for bazaar magazine


blair waldorf, quotes, and audrey hepburn image bitch, Sagittarius, and sassy image quotes, classy, and hood image quotes, oops, and what if image quotes, words, and poetry image black, phrases, and sweet heart image
a kind and old soul, grateful for everything life has given her, with class and a bit of rebel-ish side to her, she isn't afraid to speak her mind, and will not stand being disrespected, risk taking, and will always light up any atmosphere she's in


art, drawing, and accessories image art, watercolor, and Brushes image camera, photography, and travel image Mature image book, coffee, and indie image flowers image ice skating, winter, and ice image pink, skateboard, and aesthetic image art, painting, and music image dress, fashion, and girl image
she loves drawing, painting, photography, gymnastics, learning, gardening, ice skating, skateboarding, playing the violin and piano



fashion, style, and gucci image combat boots, dog, and fashion image fashion, rings, and jewelry image fashion, outfit, and style image red, dress, and aesthetic image nails, white, and shoes image
no bra, no problem

talk shows (or public appearances)

beige, aesthetic, and clothes image black, chic, and pants image fashion, gucci, and style image fashion, style, and jeans image
more classy version of her street style

red carpet

madison beer and dress image luxury, outfit inspo, and outfit goals image 2000, 2000s, and butterflies image dress, style, and luxury image dress, wedding, and bride image 💎 and beautiful девушки image
sparkly, sultry, and elegant


kendall jenner, kylie jenner, and gigi hadid image jaden smith and willow smith image beauty, necklace, and photoshoot image beautiful, stars, and ariana image beautiful, curly, and natural image asap rocky image tyler the creator image prettymuch, beanz, and zion kuwonu image
kar-jenners, hadids, hailey, smiths, madison, ariana, zendaya, asap, tyler and caleb


snake, white, and aesthetic image animal, black, and panther image
albino snake and black panther


bed, interior, and bedroom image 90s, aesthetic, and archive image lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image pool, house, and home image
house in Los Angeles, California
girl, city, and night image city, travel, and building image interior, architecture, and house image luxury, home, and stars image
penthouse in New York, New York


money, boy, and quotes image bnw, gif, and song image
she said what she said

well this was really fun, i get why ppl do this now. anyways its 4am here so i should probably sleep lol. if anyone ends up reading this i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did making it <3

- areej fatima ghafoor