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spontaneity, courage and energy
girl, black and white, and blackandwhite image Image removed aesthetic, grunge, and train image Abusive image Image by tenderly quotes, love, and kiss image


persistence, sensuality and stubbornness
love image girl, fashion, and hair image girl, lips, and skin image fashion, style, and dress image food, donuts, and sweet image aesthetic, eyes, and love image


curiosity, intelligence and freedom
flowers, blue, and cotton image Mature image Mature image fresh, summer, and friends image aesthetic, train, and japan image lesbian, girls, and couple image


sensitivity, affection and family
feelings, heart, and she image Image by Private User coffee, drink, and aesthetic image couple, goals, and kiss image book, fashion, and inspiration image food, fruit, and peach image


creativity, self-esteem and nobility
aesthetic, girl, and lips image wine, aesthetic, and grunge image Image by Private User aesthetic image clothing, eyes, and baby grl image quotes and beautiful image


objectivity, humanity and organization
girl image flowers, decoration, and pretty image mind and white image aesthetic, blue, and school image fashion, hair, and style image book, library, and reading image


vanity, empathy and diplomacy
cute, aesthetic, and drink image bedroom, home, and interior image fashion, style, and summer image sunglasses, gold, and jewelry image Image by Beka sexy, silk dress, and silkdress image


intensity, mystery and intuition
Image by sa Image by Private User strawberry, food, and fruit image Image removed cigarette, girl, and red image city, tumblr, and building image


optimism, freedom and movement
Image by Private User morning, girl, and breakfast image bath, drink, and beauty image car, indie, and vintage image flowers, aesthetic, and plants image Film Photography, film, and travel image


responsibility, ambition and persistence
Image by Jarbas Jacare style, fashion, and girl image motto, pray, and work image food image aesthetic, hair, and blonde image beautiful, nature, and water image


innovation, originality and independence
aesthetics, banana, and explore image dress, party, and dance image vintage and light image yellow, girl, and aesthetic image girl, photography, and vintage image hi and leah image


solidarity, intuition and detachment
aesthetic, girl, and indie image discover, grapefruit, and weheartit image paris, travel, and beauty image study and inspiration image quotes, self love, and life image 70s and model image


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