Hello everyone and welcome to my first article.

If you've watched the Eurovision Song Contest, you probably already know Sergey Lazarev and a few of his songs, but if not, this is your chance to get to know a charming and amazing singer.

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Sergey Lazarev is a 36 year old Russian popsinger, actor and TV presenter who sings in Russian and English. He is in fact, one of Russia's biggest popstars, and that's not without reason. With countless hits, Sergey has already won a innumerable of awards and gained fans from around the globe. Apart from being famous in Russia, he's also well known in Germany, Belarus, Greece, Azerbaijan and the UK.

Sergey won thousands of hearts around the world in 2016 when he represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest with his song "You Are The Only One".

"You Are The Only One" is a banger and a true ear-catcher
with a catchy beat and an epic melody. His staging has become one of the most outstanding scene shows in the history of Eurovision.

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In 2015 he relased the song "Eto Vse Ona" (In My Lonely Life) which has over 135 millions of views on Youtube. It's a fun and catchy song that makes you wanna dance. It's not a bad thing that he also is an incredible dancer. ;)

Sergey has released over 100 songs in English and Russian. His Russian songs are often translated to English. Whether you are into slow soulful songs, dance songs or you just need a true ear-catcher, there is something for everyone.

Last year he released " Сдавайся ", which is a powerful and emotional ballad with a beautiful melody.

This year he represented Russia once again at The Eurovision Song Contest with the heartfelt song "scream". Apart from the song he also had a memorable staging. He came third after Italy and The Netherlands.

I guess this is it for this time, thank you for reading and I hope you'll take a listen to his songs. You won't regret it. :))