Hello everyone, it's Giselle here with a travel essentials list for long flights. Take that trip across the world this summer fully prepped!

Neck pillow/Pillow

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Don't underestimate the power of a pillow on a long flight. Those seats are not comfy at all!


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Just a small one; you don't have to be extra with an oversized heated blanket


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Snacks, depending on your flight, can get pricy so bring snacks from home! (Even the airport snacks are expensive).

Water bottle

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Stay hydrated! And it's something you can't get tired of unlike juice or other beverages.


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These are a MUST


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Do homework, studying, or anything you need to get done at this time!

Optional: Face masks

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If you don't mind people seeing you in a face mask, go for it.


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Take advantage of the several hours of plainness.

Change of clothes

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Take a change of clothes that is easy to get in and out of AND is comfy. Those bathrooms are very small.

Deodorant/face cleanser/dry shampoo

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This helps you feel fresh and clean after hours of just sitting down.


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Use the time on the plane to work on homework, study, or do something productive that you tend to procrastinate.
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Download music before your flight! You do not want to get stuck on a noisy flight all prepped up to chill to some music only to find out none of it wants to play.
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Know your landing time and plan accordingly; if you are leaving at night and arrive in the morning, sleep as much as possible. Do the opposite if you are leaving in the morning and landing at night.
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Be respectful to other passengers. Do not be that obnoxious person on the flight no one wants to sit next to. Treat others the way you want to be treated, especially on a long flight.
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Pack all the travel essentials above in your carry-on. This avoids the mistake of having to last-minute dig into your luggage.
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Do not make the mistake of only taking one thing to keep yourself entertained. You will get bored of listening to music, reading, watching movies, etc. very quickly (especially because you are in a very confined space and subject to discomfort more easily).
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Do not forget to take your Instagram photos! I am half joking on this one, but yeah I would take the opportunity to take some nice photos here, for both the memories and your followers ;)

That's all for this article, thank you for reading!

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This article was written by @omg_giselle on the We Heart It Writer's Team