hi im back again
this article is about my fave things like clothes, makeup, nails, decoration etc.
I hope i give you some ideas for your future home or your own style;)



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as you can see there's different kinds of vibes here. some chill outfits but still classy. i really like all of these outfit and i really wanna have all these clothes right now, especially the third one


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as you can see im more into nude/pink-ish nails. but theses nails are really something i would pay for!!!


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im that bitch who love sneakers but would do anything to have an heels closet. heels are hands down the prettiest shoes in the world!


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i want my future home to be classy but still have its own thing. i want people to think "ahhh im at tildas (my name) home". i want people to know its my home if you know what i mean


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im IN LOVE with highlighter. every time i buy a new highlighter im happy again. i think i have like 3 highlight palettes from glam glow and anastasia. then i really love to buy eyeshadow palettes bc i like to discover new looks on myself. i have 2 from too faced, one naked and one smashbox. long story short i really love makeup!!!!

well this is all for now!! i will be back tomorrow with another question tag bc its so fun!!!! have a lovley day or night where ever you are in the world!! remember to be kind and happy the only thing that matters!!! byeeeee