Hi hearters,
I hope you're all feeling well and not under the weather like me. My inspiration for this article is my current state, I have a flu and here I'm writing article what to do when you're sick. These tips always help when I'm not feeling so good. Let's start.

1. Be hydrated

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It's very important to be hydrated when you're sick. Drink a lot of water: I also Recommend you to drink a lot of tea, especially tea with lemon and honey.

2. Rest

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If you don't have school or work you should take that time to rest, or if you're working you can call and tell them that you're sick. Rest is must have when you're sick. Try to sleep and after you'll be so much better.

3. Vitamin C

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You need vitamin C always, but especially when you're sick. Eat as much as you can of friuts that have vitamin C in them (oranges, lemons, kiwi, etc ...)

4. Homemade soup

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I just made soup for myself. If you have someone to make it for you that's good, but if there is no one you should definitely make it youself.Soups really can help you a lot if you're sick.

5. Go to the doctor

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You should do this first, but if you're like me and you will go to see a doctor only if you really need it, then you can try all the things I said before.Going to doctor is the most important so you can get your medicine and get better.

That would be it for this article. I hope you find it helpful. See you soon with new article and stay healthy. Check my previous articles here: