Basically 8 March just happened but in conmemoration of that i wanna show you women that i love and i admire

1.- Emma Watson: love her since i have memory. I love her talent and now that she is an activist fighting for women's right make me love her more.

emma watson, beauty, and black and white image feminism, inspirational, and beautiful image hermione granger, hogwarts, and emma watson image emma watson image

2.- Miley Cyrus: She is basically my favorite female singer. I love how she is so confortable in her skin and how she is the way she is. Also love how she respects and love animals

miley cyrus image miley cyrus image miley cyrus and cyrus image bangers, laugh, and make up image

3.- Zendaya: she is so pure and talented and at the same time smart. She is a godess

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4.- Selena Gomez: i love her charity work and her speech about love and acceptance. She is the best example that a girl can be powerful by her own

selena gomez, selena, and gomez image beauty, celebrities, and selena gomez image selena gomez, revival, and rose image 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image

5.- Brie Larson: first women in Marvel to be the main charater on a film. Love heeeer talented queen. and can we talk about her first work as a director

brie larson image celebrity, beautiful, and actress image brie larson, captain marvel, and Marvel image brie larson and unicorn store image

6.- Denise Rosenthal: chilean singer who talks about body liberation and female empowerement

cantante, chilena, and denise rosenthal image musica, chile, and denise rosenthal image cantante, star, and d-niss image cantante, star, and niss image

7.- Zoe Zaldana: female power again

zoe zaldana image zoe saldana and beach image cover, vintage, and zoe saldana image infinity war, Avengers, and zoe zaldana image

8.- Scarlett Johansson: she just show the world she is not just a "sex symbol", she is talented strong and talented

Scarlett Johansson, black widow, and Marvel image Scarlett Johansson, Marvel, and natasha romanoff image Scarlett Johansson image wallpaper and scarlett johonsson image

9.- Camila Cabello: yes! my cuban girl making history

singer, camila cabello, and beautiful image camila cabello and icon image Image by Private User camila cabello and fifth harmony image

10.- Alessia Cara: im really obsessed with her at the moment, and "scars to your beautiful really inspires me a lot to try to love myself

Inspiring Image on We Heart It alessia cara image alessia, alessia cara, and cara image song cover, pop singers, and celeb image

11.- Julie Andrews: queen

pretty, beauty, and julie andrews image Queen, quotes, and Late image julie andrews image aesthetic, artsy, and black and white image

12.-Anne Hathaway: talented vegan and an amazing woman

Anne Hathaway, anne, and black and white image actress and anne hataway image Anne Hathaway, the princess diaries, and movie image princess and Anne Hathaway image

13.- Ariana Grande: just how her song says "been through some bad shit i should be a sad bitch" instead she is still trying to be strong a being an amazing person

singer, ariana grande, and star image ariana grande, arichella, and ariana image Image removed beautiful, aesthetic, and edit image

thas all