Dear you,
when you want to post a photo on Instagram you waste a lot of time searching for the right quote? Well this article is written just for you!

Let's find the right caption!

Short quotes

• Ꮲeople throw shɑdes on whɑt shines
• chasing the sun
• we were born to die
• i do what i want, you do what you can
• What's on your mind?
• ain't no other like me
• you can't sit with us
• good times and tan lines
• People write because no one listens
• no rain, no flowers

One Word caption

• sunkissed
• censored
• rare
• golden
• sunlight
• smile
• pretending
• faking
• busy
• cheers


• It's time to hide
• look what you’ve done to me
• we will never be royals
• You must like me for me
• better now
• tears will dry if you give them time
• Suicide, if you ever try to let go
• the world is moving too fast
• We were built to fall apart
• How many secrets can you keep?

Different languages

• A solis ortu usque ad occasum (Latin: from sunrise to sunset)
• Ci sono notti in cui non sai dormire (Italian: there are nights when you don't know how to sleep)
• argento fra le stelle (Italian: silver among the stars)
• Qu'est-ce que c'est? (French: what is it?)
• Crecer duele (Spanish: Growing up hurts)
• ¿Porque no me dices la verdad? (Spanish: why don't you tell me the truth?)
• L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux (French: essential is invisible to the eyes)
• Vis, ris, aime (French: live, love, laugh)
• Lasci la città ma nessuno lo sa (Italian: you leave the city but no one knows)
• E poi hai sorriso (Italian: And then you smiled)

Puns - Words games

• too glam to give a damn
• I've got more issues than vogue
• the bags under my eyes are Gucci
• i think i think too much
• pathetic but aesthetic
• I'm not smart, i just wear glasses.
• I would use a caption, but I already got your attention
• ride your own wave
• Make difficulty look easy
• catch flights, not feelings

That's all! I'll probably do a second article with other 50 captions, stay tuned!


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