People always said to me: "Your 20's will be your best years." and I honestly believed them. They weren't all wrong, but they also weren't all right. You see, being in your 20's is hard. It's great fun because you're learning more and more about yourself, you're finding your feet, and you're finally able to let loose properly, but in the same breath, you are forced to learn responsibility, you're forced to make difficult life decisions, and, moreover, you're being forced to be an adult, before you've even learned the real meaning of the world.
At 15, I thought, when I turned 20, I would have everything figured out, but, now that I'm almost turning 21, I've come to the harsh realisation that I actually have no idea what I'm doing. I'm job searching, balancing University, and family life, all the while I have a social life hanging by a thread because I need to have my priorities straight.

I'm studying something that I truly love, but at the same time, I have no idea where in want to go in life. I'm confused, really confused, and I've come across many people, of similar age to me, who are honestly just as confused. It seems that nobody knows what they are doing at this age, and yet, everybody who is decades ahead of us are trying to give us advice. Yes, they also went through their 20's but let’s just be honest, they went through their 20's in a completely different time to us. The things they dealt with were different, ant the issues they had were different. So as much as their advice is greatly appreciated, and can sometimes be helpful, we, as people in our 20's in the 21st century, need to figure this out on our own.