Hello you guys!! Long time no talk. It's been quite a month since I wrote an article but your girl is back, feeling super motivated.

Today I decided to write about how to boost your mood. I acknowledge that we all can be anxious about life, school, work but the drawback is that we forget that we only have one life. Therefore, I have some tips for you so that you can boost your mood.


Believe it or not, after dancing I feel automatically so motivated and cheerful. So, dance if it's only for 10 minutes because in the end, you will see things with another perspective.

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2.Write down your thoughts

It's really easy to compare yourself or get discouraged, especially in today's modern society where everyone uses social media. So, my tip is to write down all your bad thoughts and try to see what you can do in order to avoid all these negatives thoughts.

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3. Spend quality time with yourself

It's really important to take care of yourself too. Read a book, go shopping, cook whatever you want. Choose yourself over the stress. Try to recharge your batteries and relieve all the tension. Also, remember that self-care is not selfish. It's a matter of priorities!!

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Well, my next tip is to start working out. As a student, I spend the majority of my time studying which means that I lead a sedentary lifestyle which is something that I am not proud of. So, try to be as active as you even if it's only for 10 minutes because I promise that after exercising you will feel way more energetic.

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That's a wrap for today's article.I just want to apologize for being inactive lately regarding writing articles. However, spring break is super soon so you can expect some new content!!

See you soon