Hi guys,

in this article I´m going to present you a few 90s and 80s movies that you have to watch if you haven´t already. I´m obsessed with them and can´t wait to share them with you! Let´s get right into it! ;)

1. Clueless - 1995
This is one of my favorites. The movie is about the rich girl Cher, who want´s to do a makeover with the new girl in her school. She has to deal with girl problems, love, friendship and by the way presents us the cutest outfits! To be honest her outfits are soo good! :)

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2. The Breakfast Club - 1985
It is about a group of teenagers who have to spend their day at detention. They are all super different and so it leads to trouble, problems, fun and love.

The Breakfast Club, smoke, and boy image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image The Breakfast Club, 90s, and 80s image Breakfast Club image

3. Dirty Dancing - 1987
This movie is so good! It is about rich girl Frances called ´Baby´ who wents on a summer holiday with her family. But she meets the poor dance teacher Johnny and convinces him to teach her dancing. Soon they start to like each other...

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4. 10 Things I hate about you - 1999
This movie is about the popular girl Bianca who wants to go on a date, but her father says that she can only go if her older not so attractive sister Kat has a date aswell. Joey convinces rebellious Patrick to go on a date with Kat (for money). But Cameron, a shy guy, wants to go on a date with Bianca aswell.

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5. Sixteen Candles - 1984
It´s about Samantha whose parents plan her sisters wedding and because of that forget her sixteenth birthday. She distracts herself with Jake that she´s in love with, but the shy boy Ted also likes her.

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6. Back To The Future - 1985
It´s about Marty McFly who gets beamed into the past, where his parents were the same age as him. His Mother falls in love with him instead of his father and he is struggling with getting back to the future and bringing his partens back together so that he even exists later!

Back to the Future image 70s, marty mcfly, and 80s image Back to the Future, marty mcfly, and guitar image Back to the Future, fashion, and movie image

7. Titanic - 1997
We all kinda know the story already but I´m going to sum it up quickly for those who don´t. On the biggest passenger ship Titanic Rose, who is a very rich girl, and Jack, a poor guy, meet and fall in love with each other. They have to be in love secretly and then the ship crashes against an iceberg...

titanic, kate winslet, and leonardo dicaprio image Image by 💎ℬ𝑒𝒸𝒶𝓊𝓈𝑒 ℐ'𝓂 𝒶 𝓉𝑜𝓎,𝓉𝑜𝓎💎 Image by 💎ℬ𝑒𝒸𝒶𝓊𝓈𝑒 ℐ'𝓂 𝒶 𝓉𝑜𝓎,𝓉𝑜𝓎💎 titanic, black and white, and movie image

That was it for this article! Thanks for reading. I really hope you liked it and maybe got some movies to watch now. :)

xx Sarah

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