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Spring has officially sprung and with the change of seasons we thought it would be the perfect time to get some fashion and styling tips from one of our favorite blogger babes, Heather! Heather is the mastermind behind the uberly succesful, denim loving, fashion blog @_thefab3. We asked her to share her secret to perfecting her polished-but-not look and she SPILLED.

Keep reading for Heather's tips for dressing like a fashion blogger.

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Q: Please introduce yourself to our readers!

I'm Heather, an East Coast girl that packed up her car and drove across country with her man & two kitties to live in Northern California. I currently work as a personal trainer (fitness) and with clothing boutiques/brands creating website, in store and social media content. You can usually find me with a messy bun or ponytail in my hair and a coffee in my hand. #reallife

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Q: You’re total #outfitgoals! What are some tips you have for styling a perfectly polished look?

I tend to think not being so polished is polished and less is always more. Nothing beats a great fitted blazer, dark denim, slight flare or skinny fit paired with a white button down or soft lady-like blouse. Finish the look off with a great pair of boots, vintage bag, messy bun, a medium stained lip and walk out the door. If you simply must wear a dress, choose a wrap dress. A classic silhouette that makes everyone always look so elegant and effortless.

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Q: What are some staple pieces you think everyone should have in their closet?

Blazers, all shapes and sizes. A black Moto jacket. A classic trench coat. Lace tops, dresses, camisoles, if you follow me you know I love lace. Lady-like blouses in neutral soft colors. Denim, denim and more denim. I believe in effortless dressing and feeling your best and denim is my go-to always. A great detailed boot, my favorite pair is the Chloé Susanna Stud Buckle Bootie. A white silk blouse, elegant always even with ripped denim a look you can take day into night. Finally a slip dress, silk or satin. An effortless chic look with strappy sandals and a denim jacket tossed over your shoulders.

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Q: Working in a creative industry we’re sure there’s days you’re feeling not so creative. What do you do to get yourself out of this rut? What resources do you LOVE to help you get inspired again?

I tend to share more everyday lifestyle/style photos. There can be days when I do not feel like taking a photo, especially if I have been shooting a line sheet for a boutique or brand and I can get burnt out fast. Most people may not know I take 98% of my photos alone, camera stand and timer. When I find myself in a rut, I remember how fortunate I am that I get to do this for a living. I LOVE what I do and I love sharing little bits of my life with my followers. The interactions I have with my followers and the brands and boutiques I work with make what I do everyday amazing.

I am always so inspired by other women and I will look at the amazing babes I follow on Instagram or Pinterest where I tend to post a little more content for inspiration. I find more beauty and inspiration in the day-to-day life or street style photos I see out there.

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Q: Sharing your life with so many people must require a certain level of confidence. What’s a piece of advice you could offer our young female audience who may be struggling with finding their confidence.

I have always had a lot of self confidence. Even on a bad day (and yes I have them) I still feel really good about myself. Trust that you are amazing inside and out and surround yourself with strong confident women. Loving yourself, embracing every flaw is key for me in maintaining my confidence. Never EVER compare your life to someone's online content. No matter how real, perfect or imperfect they say life is or what you see put in front of you. Realize that appearances are just appearances and If someone's content makes you have self doubt, stop following them. Or take little breaks from social media in general. I think if you take all these steps and you are true to yourself, you can have a great level of self-esteem.

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Check out @_thefab3 for more styling tips and outfit inspiration!