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Are you freaking out because you don’t know what you’re wearing to Coachella yet?! Have no fear, the pieces you need for this fun festival are most likely already in your closet. Continue reading to find the perfect look, with_out_ having to spend a ton of cash.

Swimsuit tops

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Think your swimsuit is only good for the beach and pool? Think again. Swimwear is honestly one of the most under-rated outfit completers. Throw on your one-piece and make it the cutest bodysuit, or grab that bikini in the back of your closet with the fringe that gave you weird tan lines when laying out by the pool, because it will be perfect for the warm nights of the festival. Pair with some shorts and a fanny pack and get ready to dance.

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Maxi dresses

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Your maxi dress might be something you’ve had in your closet for forever, only making appearances for daytime errands and an occasional brunch, but trust us… it’s about to be your festival staple. We love wearing maxi dresses to Coachella because they’re flowy enough to feel nice during the day, but they also give you coverage when the temperature cools down. Spice up your dress with boots and chunky jewelry, or a belt and hat. These tiny touches will take your casual daytime look to just the right amount of edgy.

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Jean shorts

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Jean shorts are always a staple. Don’t have jean shorts? Find a pair of jeans that you’re not loving anymore and cut the bottom of them. Voila, jean short perfection. Pair with whatever is most comfortable for you. Cute tee? Perf. Tube top? Fab -- and they’re only like $5. Whatever you choose, you’ll look trendy (because jean is always in).

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Make any outfit look like a festival outfit by adding glitter. Don’t think you already have glitter? You’re most likely wrong. Open any eyeshadow palette or find your favorite highlighter. That gold can be dusted allll over your body.

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