Kpop music industry took off on 2018, especially with BTS performing on Billboard Music Awards that year. Korean fashion definitely stole the show and had its own moment of shine by becoming a huge fashion trend all over the internet. With its evolutionary, innovative aura Korean fashion is the ideal combination of edginess and femininity.
A modern princess
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Korean designers definitely know how to slay the princessy look. Loose, baggy dresses made of airy, light fabrics with puff sleeves and ruffles on the bottom let the silhouettes remain undefined giving them that innocent, slick, angelic look.
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TIP: An alternative way to rock that angelic, dreamy look on your everyday life is to pair a lace, puff sleeve blouse with a midi, slip dress over it.
Innovation in fashion
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You aren't ready for those fashion-forward styling combinations. Korean fashion never stops surprising us with its creativity and edginess. Just by flipping through Korean Vogue magazine you can tell there are no rules in fashion. You name it and they will turn it into the hottest trend of the season.
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TIP: Kpop music videos are absolutely killing it with their styling, every single outfit could be an editorial look, so this is your chance to get all the inspiration you are looking for.
Girlboss in the making
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The iconic Chanel skirt suit is something that can't be missing from Korean Vogue magazine. Korea adores the pastel hues and pale shades especially. The skirt suit was one of the unexpected street style trends during Seoul Fashion Week Spring 2019 which lots of fashion icons rocked in their own unique way.
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TIP: A checkered skirt suit gives a bossy, put together vibe while the pastel hues and pale colors add a fresh, playful aura to the look.
Enhance your natural beauty
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Natural, glowy makeup is the go-to look on almost all of the Korean editorials. It's the perfect tutorial if you are going for an "I woke up like this" or "How to glow up" kinda look. Remember that bronzer and contouring is out of the question since we don't want any harsh lines. All you need is a light, natural colored blush, a settled highlighter, and a bb cream.
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TIP: Korean makeup artists prefer to emphasize the eyes or the lips or even both sometimes if they are going for an edgier look. A neon eyeliner or a vibrant pop of color on the lips will do the trick.

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