Lovely lovely hearters, it's that time again where we introduce you to an inspiring female who's absolutely killing it in her field. This weeks spotlight is extra close to our heart because this young entrepreneur is on a mission to change the way people think about and use their online platforms. Let's just say she puts the SOUL in Social Media ;) Hearters, meet Quigley!

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In the slight chance our readers don’t already know who you are, please introduce yourself!

I go by Quigley as a nickname/stagename because it’s my grandma’s maiden name! I originally used it as a name for my music project (fun fact: I was on American Idol Season 8 when I was 19!). You can call me Quigz, Quiggles, Quigster... but to be honest most of my close friends and family call me Casey, which is my given name.

I’m a Los Angeles based content creator! My mission is to inspire mindfulness in human relationships through a visual narrative of lifestyle driven content (specifically fashion and travel).

How did you get your start as a blogger?

I was pursuing a music career when I first moved to Los Angeles from Minnesota. I wanted to be a writer and producer. But after about five years of grinding, I was SO burnt out on the politics of the industry. I started making fashion content as a form of escapism from a life that I felt I had no control over. I posted photos of outfits I liked and played dress up with my photographer friends because I needed a new creative outlet outside of music and the pressure I put on myself to “MAKE IT.” My following started to grow because I was able to just have fun creating and making organic content. I remember my mom sent me an article about “bloggers” who made their money off of affiliate links on their blogs; this was a new concept at the time but it stuck with me. I thought it was something that I would have so much fun doing - and so I started a blog! I took a break from music to focus on starting up the blog and I worked part time at a bar in Hollywood to support myself. After about a year I was able to quit my bar job and go ALL IN. It was so risky and so scary because there was really no guarantee that the jobs would be enough to pay my bills, but I had to take a leap of faith! It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

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If social media wasn’t your business what would you be doing?

I would love to go back to school for psychology or neuroscience. I am absolutely fascinated with why people do the things they do and I could see myself exploring that, maybe as a life coach, therapist or author. Or maybe even getting into motivational speaking!

I also still love writing and making music, so I would use my creative energy to make music again - maybe I’d even write a musical! I always wanted to invent a Disney princess.

You’re constantly pushing the social media boundaries and encouraging your audience to reflect on their purpose online. We’d love to know- what does social media mean to YOU?

Social media is a place to connect and celebrate creative expression. It is a platform where we can either use our voice to MOVE others or to listen and observe so we can BE MOVED ourselves. Social media has the potential to motivate and inspire us, but it can also be a very scary and emotionally turbulent space at times. My mission is to help people use their apps in a healthy way so that they can truly take advantage of all of the unique benefits that it has to offer. Social media makes it more possible to make a career and a living off of being an artist than ever before, and it is a shame not to help people embrace it as something that can be a TOOL rather than an energy sucker. In order to do this I think it’s so important to bring awareness to the thought patterns and behaviors that prevent us from using the apps in ways that make us feel joyous and worthy. I like to pull back the curtain of what it means to be a content creator and bring a bit more honesty and transparency to the apps and encourage others to do the same.

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What does being SOULcial mean to you?

I often reflect on the things about my childhood that made me feel alive and made me feel a sense of self esteem and worth. Those things never came from a smart phone or an Instagram profile.

Technology has radically changed our quality of life and it’s so important to be aware of how it’s affecting our mental states. I like to challenge people to consider what makes us feel confident and worthy. What things about social media feel soul crushing and what things make our souls feel more connected and full of energy? How can we use the app to really make people feel GOOD?

I made my online class Soulcial Media to help content creators answer these questions and to lean into vulnerability so that they bring more SOUL to their work.

We know you can’t give it all away but are there any tips you can give our readers that can help them be more SOULcial today- and every day?

Anyway that you can make the app more about what you have to GIVE vs what you have to GAIN will help it become a more positive space for you. Every time you open the app, ask yourself: am I here to be a force for good? Am I here to spread joy? How can I make someone else's day today? How can I GIVE to this community today?

Another tip I like to give people is to try using the voice memo function in Instagram messages. It’s an awesome way to connect on a more intimate level with your audience!

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