Hearters, you made it! It’s Friday and it is time to C - E - L - E - B - R - A - T - E. Thank goodness for the weekend and all the excitement (or relaxation) it’s bringing to us. We’ve been waiting a looong four days for this moment, so without further ado… here are the FIVE things we’ve been obsessing over this week.

Gray Malin

Image by WeHeartItUploads
Image by WeHeartItUploads
Image by WeHeartItUploads

Our office just got an upgrade. We’d been sitting here with bare walls for a few months and we were starting to go crazy. But then we found Gray Malin, the photographer whose photos you’ve seen in every gorgeous home, that are so perfect you can’t help but wonder, “can these even be real?” But, of course, they are and we are in love. We chose this East Hampton Beach photo to brighten up our office and create the We Heart It aesthetic. And as you can tell by the above, this Gray Malin really brought our place together. Not a bad spot to spend Monday through Friday.

Good news for you, hearters. If you head to GrayMalin.com RIGHT NOW you can get free framing AND shipping on your orders. So if you’re thinking at all that you want to hang one of these incredible images on your wall, now is the time to do it. We can’t wait to choose our next one!

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D.S. & Durga

Image by WeHeartItUploads
Credit: Instagram, @ dsanddurga

Ok, we’re not sure how many people we’ve asked to smell us in the last few days, but we know it’s probably too many and it might be getting a little weird. But hey, we can’t help it. We’re wearing D.S. & Durga and our noses are just happy… ok?! This brand has the most unique scents and we can’t get enough. On our wrists, we’re wearing Rose Atlantic, and on our bodies we’re wearing Debaser. Prepare to be amazed (and sniffed).

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Briogeo Sea Goddess Hair + Body Shimmer Mist

Image by WeHeartItUploads Image by WeHeartItUploads

Coachella is ONE WEEKEND AWAY. We repeat, Coachella is ONE WEEKEND AWAY. So now is the time that you need to lock in all of your orders before you start packing. One product that is a necessity for the weekend? Briogeo’s new shimmer spray for your hair and body. Because what’s a festival without glitter? Just a few spritzes of this baby and we swear Ariana Grande will be able to see you shine from her stage.

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BlackBough Swim

Image by WeHeartItUploads
Credit: Instagram @ blackboughswim

Ok, so now that we’ve reminded you that Coachella is one weekend away… have you ordered your bathing suits? We highly recommend you check out BlackBough Swim (no, really… do it). We will be sporting these adorable numbers every day in the desert, so we definitely think you should pick some out yourself. They're made out of the comfiest material and make us feel super confident. We say be daring and suggest going with the neon Maui Set, but there are SO many to choose from!

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Sun Potion

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Ok, has anyone else fallen in love with the stupidly good Chaga-ccino at Alfred Coffee?! We know it can’t be just us. But for $8 a drink (yes, the price you pay to live in LA), it can get kiiinda expensive to say “treat yo self” everyday. That’s why we’re bringing you this DIY drink hack -- buy your own chaga and make your own latte. We grabbed some from Sun Potion and it has saved our lives (and our bank accounts). If you don’t know what chaga is, it’s an amazing mushroom that when put in food or drink, can lower cholesterol, contains cancer-preventative proponents, lower blood pressure, support the immune system, fight inflammation, lower blood sugar… should we keep going?

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Check out this Chaga Chip recipe from one of our favorite hearters @paytonsartain

Loved these Friday Faves? Don’t forget to pop back next week to see what our team can’t get enough of!