Spring is officially here and we are so excited to leave the harsh cold of winter behind. There are sooo many different ways to get excited about spring and all that the amazing season has to offer. We’re bringing you the five ways that we think you can connect with all the new possibilities of this season -- get ready to grow and enjoy!

1. Get yourself a new plant

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If you don't have plants in your home already, spring is the perfect time to make that change! Whatever your gardening skills may be (ours our very unskilled), there is a houseplant for you - just hit up your local gardening center to find the plant that works for you. We promise it will make your home feel so much brighter.

2. Go for a hike (or walk)

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Hiking can be a wonderful way to connect to nature year round, but spring is definitely the best time because you can immerse yourself in the new growth and life of nature. Even if you live in a city, going for a walk out in the open air can make you feel more in tune with the earth.

3. Put on a floral dress

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Ok, it may sound silly (or not), but nothing can give you that new spring feeling quite like bringing out your favorite floral dress and sandals from the back of your closet. Go all out and take yourself to lunch in your spring outfit - sit outside if you can and breathe in that “new possibilities” air.

4. Plant a tree

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Let’s all be honest - the world needs more trees. So in celebration of spring, get out there and try to plant a tree. There are so many ways to do this -- on your own by visiting a garden center or find a local charity that plants trees in your area to get involved. The earth will thank you tremendously.

5. Get creative

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There is no better way to connect to nature than to be creative. Bust out your paints, a pen and paper, or maybe just go outside and sing to embrace the new beginnings of spring. Whatever you create, we promise that you will feel the magic of spring.

Lots of Love
This article was written by CNBB