Hi everyone

So I wanted to write an article where I create a band and yeah I'm vv excited so let's get started

band name: Peach Glow
number of members: 4
music genre: indie, art pop, psychedelic rock
concept: A mix of very calming, and very danceable songs with meaningful lyrics
main instruments: ukulele, many vocals, guitar
fanbase name: pit-sters
color palette: peach, orange, fuchsia, red
most popular song: sun-rays


Sarah Greene

girl image beautiful, curly hair, and stripes image

role in the band: lead vocalist
birthday: March 19, 1995
nickname: blueberry
favorite color: blue
sexuality: lesbian
born in: Pontiac Michigan
herritage: polish, swedish, greek, german


80s, 90s, and aesthetic image Mature image aesthetic, pink, and mirror image pink, supreme, and teal image aesthetic, afternoon, and blue image pastel, pink, and plants image


50s, 60s, and 70s image fashion, style, and outfit image dress, fashion, and summer image dress, fashion, and yellow image

best friends

alternative, curly hair, and pretty girl image
Alex and Sarah were college roommates
boy, beauty, and guy image
Jack and Sarah have been best friends since they were little kids
fashion image
Katherine and Sarah used to date, but now they're just friends

Relationship status
has been dating Taylor for 2 years

kiss, love, and girl image

Charlie Baker

aesthetic, alternative, and asian boy image aesthetic, asian fashion, and alternative image

role in the band: backup vocals and ukulele
birthday: June 4 1999
nickname: turtleneck
favorite color: maroon
sexuality: asexual
born in: San Francisco California
herritage: Korean, and French


aesthetic, bed, and dark image aesthetic, background, and books image maroon, red, and wait what image red, lana del rey, and aesthetic image coffee, light, and pink image red, cherry, and fruit image


outfit and street style image aesthetic, alternative, and black image fashion, grunge, and outfit image got7 and yugyeom image

best friends

aesthetic, boy, and guy image
Michael and Charlie have been friends for a few years, but Charlie is developing a crush on Michael
freckles, hair, and short hair image
Lily and Charlie were friends in high school, and they have just recently reconnected

relationship status
like I said he is single but is developing a crush on his Friend Michael

Joseph Taylor

boy, boys, and curly hair image boy, boys, and curly hair image

role in the band: launchpad
birthday: February 17 1994
nickname: Regina
favorite color: red
sexuality: straight
born in: Philadelphia Pennsylvania
herritage: dutch, turkish, and Irish


art, van gogh, and museum image flowers, rose, and aesthetic image pussy magic image flowers and you image aesthetic, jeans, and yellow image art, quotes, and aesthetic image


aesthetic, clothes, and color image gucci and outfit image aesthetic, outfit, and boy image clothes and outfit image

best friends

baby, goals, and mother image
Evelyn is Joseph's pregnant sister in law they became friends almost instantly
grandmother, old, and black and white image
Iris is Joseph's grandmother and he goes to visit her every week
vine, kurtis conner, and youtuber image
Lucas is Joseph's neighbor

relationship status
Joseph is dating another band member Maggie

couple, kiss, and love image sky, hands, and couple image

Maggie Nelson

beauty and girl image eyes, pretty, and perfect image

role in the band: keyboard and vocals
birthday: december 7 1996
nickname: agg
favorite color: pink
sexuality: bisexual
born in: Seattle Washington
herritage: Swedish, Russian, and Romanian


Inspiring Image on We Heart It angel, girl, and girly image Image by moonlight.90s cat, glitter, and pink image flowers, rose, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image


dress, fashion, and white image aesthetic, dress, and style image aesthetic, outfit, and girl image Image by 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓒𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓪.

best friends

girl, beauty, and hair image
Jules and Maggie are half sisters, and best friends
brown hair, female, and fringe image
Lucy and Maggie met at one of the bands first gigs and they became friends almost immediately


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