Happy Friday hearters, and happy International Women’s Day! Today we’re celebrating all the girl boss women out there, so all of our Friday Faves are our favorite things founded, written, or performed by women! Continue reading to see what we’ve been obsessing over from these boss ladies.


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Credit: Instagram, @ Skylar

Get ready to smell like heaven. We got some perfumes and candles from Skylar, and life has really changed for us. The fragrances smell SO amazing, we can’t stop sniffing ourselves. (Not weird.) Plus, our office smells incredible thanks to our Meadow candle made by the brand. You can also take an online quiz to find your perfect scent, which is SO fun!

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Glossier Play

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We’ll forever be in love with the simplicity of the Glossier brand, but we’re also making room for her new sister, Glossier Play. This energetic line has playful bright colors, loud lipsticks and gloss, gloss, gloss. Throw it in your cart to add some fun to your makeup routine.

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OSEA Malibu

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Credit: Instagram @ OseaMalibu

Say hello to your new favorite natural beauty brand, OSEA. This natural, non-toxic brand is inspired by the sea, and literally has the best products ever. Believe it or not, seaweed is the star ingredient in OSEA products, as it contains powerful bioavailable minerals and nutrients that absorb easily and give you that “ahhh” feeling when you touch your skin. Plus, the products have essential oils that totally beautify the skin. We love all of the products, but our most used at the moment is the ocean lotion. We keep it right next to us at our desk to give our body a little TLC throughout the day.

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Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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“Stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be.” Prepare to be inspired by this amazing book. Your life is completely up to you, and Rachel Hollis carries that message continually throughout the book. Trust us, your happiness will SOAR while reading this book. You need to grab it now!

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2 Dope Queens Podcast

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Credit: Instagram @ 2DopeQueens

Get ready to laugh… and laugh… and laugh… and seriously laugh until you cannot breathe anymore with these two gals. Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are the funniest girls on the block and you just need to listen to them. They talk about everything from sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York and so many other things. Give it a listen this weekend with your closest gal pals.

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Who is your favorite girl boss?!