If you're like me and don't just want basic names for your playlists cause they're boring and basic and just a big no no for me then here are some ideas for playlist names some in which i use and others <33

Playlist Names for Your Favourite Songs:
- mix of lovers
- default
- everyday type mood
- everyday jams
- favourite lust
- <3
- heart on fire
- heart of colour

Playlist Names for Mellow/Smooth/Jazz Songs:
- heartsigh
- mellow mornings
- past seven in heaven
- psychadelic, meaning 'having intense, vivid colours or a swirling abstract pattern'
- invisible cloud
- smooth lust
- nostalgia, is always thought as a warm, fuzzy emotion that we feel when we think about fond memories from our past
- groovy jams
- sweet dreams
- angelic
- dreamkillers
- an angel fell
- phantasmagoria, meaning 'a sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream'
- in the clouds
- on some chill shit
- smooth flow
- dream machine

Playlist Names for Rap Songs:
- nibba beats
- RnB type feel
- sippin tea in your hood
- chilli
- $$$$$
- impulse
- high
- money trees

Playlist Names for Indie/Grunge/Rock/Beachy Songs:
- psthurism, meaning 'the sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves' and i always think of it as that's what you hear when riding a skateboard
- psychadelic, yes again it fits in both categories
- thalassophile, meaning a lover of the sea
- alternative sh*t
- hard
- skate ahhway
- boardingahh
- phantasmagoria, again cause i love this word
- angsty
- colours of your heart

Playlist Names for Love Songs:
- redamancy, meaning the act of loving in return
- fkw/me
- affection
- a big feeling
- 2 my soul
- for him/her
- romance

Playlist Names for Parties/Hype Songs:
- turnt bops
- p4rtyw/c4rty
- move your body
- queen
- party machine

Playlist Names for Sad Songs:
- sad @ my soul
- sad nibba beats
- tired teardrops
- angel cries
- rain cloud
- sadface
- invisible tear
- what a sad time
- she'll be right
- what a heavenly way to die
- death and i are companions, it's here at all times

Hope these are helpful i got distracted so fucking often trying to type this so i mean i hope it was worth it. Have a good day you fucking deserve it <3333