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These workouts I've found actually give me results & I hope they will too with you! I'll be updating this article whenever I find a new workout that I want to share. :) HAS BEEN UPDATED AS OF: 16/3/19 , 30/3/19

Ab Workouts:

Alexis Ren - Ab Workout - 10 minutes:

  • Really good for any beginner.
  • Followed this for two months when I first started getting fit
  • Helped me get rid of my bad bloating problems significantly.

Pamela Rf - Sixpack Workout - 10 minutes:

  • Started following this one instead of Alexis once I had been using hers for two months
  • Essentially is the same style as Alexis but a level harder

Emi Wong - Lower Ab Workout - 10 minutes:

  • Targets the lower abs a lot more than the others
  • Use more now as idm how the rest of my stomach looks

Pamela Rf - Muffin Top Workout - 10 minutes:

  • Started using this one more often than the others
  • Hurts like crazy, I find it harder than her six-pack workout

Alexis Ren - Ab Workout - 5 minutes:

  • Good when I want to workout more but cbf doing a ten-minute workout
  • Short and intense, wouldn't recommend doing as your sole workout for the day (unless you do it twice at least)

Arm Workouts:

Gabriella Whited - Armpit Fat Workout - 5 minutes:

  • Good when I'm unsatisfied with my other workouts and cbf doing a ten Minute Workout
  • Helps lose fat and gain lean muscle to replace it / size of arms don't get much skinnier but look a lot more toned
  • On your knees the whole time and doesn't require push-ups, planks, ect.

Emi Wong - Arm Workout - 10 Minutes

  • Just started doing this one, really makes me feel a burn
  • Arms hurt the next day after the first time I did it, so I would recommend it to people who find the Gabriella one too easy

Butt Workouts:

Pamela Rf - Booty Burn Workout - 10 Minutes

  • killskillskills. I struggle with this workout but the burn is crazy!

Artemis - Butt Isolating Workout - 10 minutes:

  • Good for beginner
  • I really feel this one!
  • Really good if you dislike some of the exercises in Pamela's Butt Workout as it's less intense but you still see results.
  • I find it really easy to do this workout twice and do it more often than Pamelas.
  • Has made my butt a lot perkier and I've gained muscle all over my butt instead of in one specific area
  • My hip dips are going away w this

MadFit - Resistance Band Booty Workout - 10 minutes:

  • Recently started using this workout since I need to start incorporating resistance bands into my exercise
  • Really easy to follow if you're new to exercising your glutes

Combo Workouts:

Pamela Rf - 2-in-1 Butt and Abs Workout - 20 minutes:

  • Really good for those days where I know I should work out for twenty minutes but know I might give up after finishing one ten minute workout!
  • Love the butt workout in this, it's also less intense than her other one
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