Confidence is key -- you hear it ALL the time. However, sometimes, we can feel like confidence is fleeing us faster than we can help ourselves. Whenever you’re feeling small, try these super quick (and easy) tricks to make yourself feel like you’re on top of the world.

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Fix your posture

If you find yourself slumping down and making yourself small, it’s time to stop that. Shifting your posture to make yourself feel taller will instantly give you more confidence.

Tell yourself you can do this

Do this as soon as you wake up in the morning (or anytime you need a quick pep talk). Talk to yourself in the mirror as if you were talking to one of your best friends. Encourage, encourage, encourage!

Take a deep breath

HUGE breath in, then let it allllll out.


This is always the most important. Smiling is proven to improve your mood, lower your blood pressure and decrease your stress levels. Always be smiling!

Feeling better?! Good! Now go show the world!