Hello wonderful people,

I have always been very impulsive and I always do as I want. I have always hated school to a point where I lost all of my energy to it. The idea of going to school made me sick and sad. When I reached the point where it was no longer working for me, I was forced to drop out. At first I felt very dissapointed. Society consideres you a failure when you drop out of school or don't finish it at all. It made me a little bit scared because I had no plan and no degree.

Very soon I realised it may have been one of the best things to ever happen to me. I was finally free. Freedom was a feeling I didn't have while being in school all of those years. I finally felt like I got it back and I felt empowered and myself again. You don't need school to succeed. Some people love it and want to do it, but it has never been something for me and that's ok. I have accepted that school just isn't my path.

To be honest I don't really know what is. I'm still figuring that out.

The lesson I've learned is that as long as you put your mind to something it will happen. I wanted to be free of school and do my own thing. Now after waiting for some time I have what I wanted.

My plan is to start a small business of my own. Grow it big along with the years or just try out and have another business when I have got more experience than now.

The main thing is I just want to be happy the day I die. That day I want the feeling that every second of this time on earth I have spend doing things I love. Making memories and going on crazy adventures. Make my dreams and goals come true. Which is gonna happen because I am very sure of it. I love this beautiful world and I am so thankful to be on it. I guess I should thank my parents for that :)

Goodnight loves