inspired by:

favorite female character:

friends, quotes, and phoebe image Image removed

favorite male character:

friends, chandler bing, and joey tribbiani image chandler bing, Matthew Perry, and passione image
chandler and joey

who do I identify with most?

friends, life, and quotes image Image removed

favorite couple:

mike, friends, and pheobe buffay image kiss, mike, and proposal image
mike and pheobe

favorite style:

friends, 90s, and fashion image monica, monica geller, and friends image

favorite season:

friends, pizza, and tv show image
season 2

least favorite:

friends, quotes, and ross image 90s, joey tribbiani, and phoebe buffay image

favorite friendship:

friends, Joey, and rachel image 90s, aesthetic, and comedy image
rachel and joey

favorite episode:

awesome, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow image
the one where everybody finds out

favorite character outside the group:

friends, 90s, and Lisa Kudrow image couple, phoebe buffay, and mike hannigan image

favorite quote:

friends, quotes, and chandler image

favorite location:

friends, central perk, and coffee image friends and central perk image
central perk