I took ispiration from these two articles:

Time travel or space travel?

grunge, planet, and space image stars, overlay, and constellation image stars, space, and sky image amazing, astronomy, and nature image
space travel, time travel would cause too many troubles

Roses or Wildflower?

aesthetic, spring, and flowers image colorful, pink, and pretty image flowers, rose, and red image flowers, rose, and orange image

Rainy days or stormy nights?

architecture, autumn, and cloudy skies image rain, umbrella, and sky image rain, autumn, and city image rain and city image
rainy days

Swim in the sea or gaze at the stars?

Image by Karina blue, cloudy, and evening image clouds, fallout, and star gazing image Temporarily removed
swimming in the sea while gazing at the stars.

Dragons or Mermaids?

shell, water, and art image mermaid and ocean image mermaid, fantasy, and ocean image crown, eyes, and mermaid image

Movie Theatre or Arcade?

aesthetic, cinema, and headers image 500 Days of Summer, zooey deschanel, and couple image catch me if you can image Temporarily removed
Movie theatre! I'm passionate about cinema. I f you want to know more about my tastes, here is my movie tag

Carousel or Roller Coaster?

Image removed fun, vintage, and friends image Image removed park, aesthetic, and bts image

Moonlight or Candelight?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, night, and dark image Temporarily removed black and dark image

Tea or Coffee?

food, coffee, and aesthetic image aesthetic, tea, and coffee image coffee, food, and tea image flowers, tea, and book image
I like both but I prefer tea

Early Bird or Night Owl?

aesthetic, background, and black image neon, sleep, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed rain, aesthetic, and night image
night owl

Dogs or Cat?

cat, cute, and animal image cat, animal, and white image cat, animal, and cute image Temporarily removed
cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats cats

Werewolfs or Vampires?

Abusive image red, fashion, and aesthetic image red, wine, and aesthetic image aesthetic, vampire, and alternative image

Make up or No make up?

makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image Image removed Image removed aesthetic, blue eyeliner, and make-up image
both but on myself I don't like make up

Sliver or Gold?

earrings, heart, and aesthetic image Image by Kylie Royal Temporarily removed fashion, gold, and style image
e per quel paio d'ali d'oro avremmo pagato tutto l'oro al mondo

Tattoos or Piercings?

tattoo, galaxy, and planets image bracelets, hairstyle, and jewelry image accessories, earrings, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Fire or Ice?

fire and aesthetic image Temporarily removed fire, grunge, and skateboard image aesthetic, fire, and catching fire image

Pirates or Ninjas?

Temporarily removed aesthetic and love image Temporarily removed aesthetic image

Rap or Rock?

Temporarily removed violin and music image piano, music, and aesthetic image 90s, gif, and tumblr image
I personally like every kind of music

Freckles or Dimples?

freckles, girl, and smile image smile, boy, and dimples image girl, pretty, and smile image eyes, eye, and brown image
it depends

Downtown or Countyside?

article and nature image flowers, hair, and girl image travel, nature, and mountains image Temporarily removed

Short hair or Long hair?

blonde, blondie, and fashion image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image hair, girl, and blonde image hair, girl, and blonde image

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