hey! i'm back with more awesome music recommendations <3

┊DEAN ࿐ྂ

dean and kwon hyuk image dean and kpop image
he tries to be badass but its a cute baby

birth name: hyuk kwon (권혁)
music genre: alternative r&b; hip hop
fav song: d (half moon)


kpop and heize image k-pop, heize, and 헤이즈 image
she could step on my face and i'd say thank you

birth name: jang da-hye (장다혜)
music genre: r&b‎; ‎neo soul
fav song: and july (ft. dean)


sik-k and khh image jay park image
thanks to him i have a little bit of self-steem

birth name: park jae-beom (박재범)
music genre: hip hop; r&b
fav song: sexy 4 eva (I SWEAR YOU WILL LOVE IT)


asian, music, and boys image eric, kpop, and miss image
a whole baby as you can see

birth name: ‎nam yoon-do (남윤도)
music genre: r&b; k-pop; ballad
fav song: hold me


Image by Caroles SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image
we love a talented king

birth name: lee tae-min (이태민)
music genre: k-pop; contemporary r&b; j-pop
fav song: crazy 4 u; move


kpop, SHINee, and kim jonghyun image Jonghyun, SHINee, and kim jonghyun image
his vocals are no joke, my dudes

birth name: kim jong-hyun (김종현)
music genre: k-pop; contemporary r&b
fav song: just for a day

┊TEN ࿐ྂ

ten, nct, and kpop image ten, new heroes, and nct image
have you seen him dancing? i swear-

birth name: let's just call him ten. it's easier this way, trust me
music genre: k-pop
fav song: new heroes

┊KEY ࿐ྂ

SHINee, key, and kpop image key, SHINee, and kibum image
what a talented man oh my god

birth name: kim ki-bum (김기범)
music genre: k-pop; j-pop; r&b; soul
fav song: forever yours


holland, kpop, and idol image holland and kpop image
he's my hero

birth name: go tae-seob (고태섭)
music genre: k-pop
fav song: i'm so afraid

hey! i guess thats over for this blog. i listen to more soloists but those are my current favorites <3 also, here i'll leave more of my stuff just in case you want to check them out. have a nice day and stay alive ||-//