1. Bon Iver ft. St. Vincent - Roslyn

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''shale, screen your worry from what you won't ever find."

2. Milky Chance - Fairytale

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''listening to the all-night-singing-sweet-melodies-fairy trees."

3. Normani X Calvin Harris - Slow Down

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''could you just be real?"

4. Ariana Grande - imagine

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''step up the two of us, nobody knows us, get in the car like, "skrrt"."

5. Flume ft. Kai - Never Be Like You

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''I would give anything to change this fickle-minded heart, that loves fake shiny things."

6. Dua Lipa - Swan Song

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''cause staying silent's the same as dying."

7. Taylor Swift - Delicate

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''oh damn, never seen that color blue."

i hope u enjoyed reading, u all better listen to Roslyn by Bon Iver because it is absolutely wonderful, have a great day! ~ sarah

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