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ARIES♈ (21/03||20/04)
Element: Fire 🔥
Planet: Mars

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The week of love: Moon in Gemini, is a gentle Moon on day 14.
The love situation could be much more serene and engaging if you let yourself go at least once.
Live the moment, open the door of the heart and stop thinking and living on your stomach. You do not like being commanded, your rebellion fund emerges constantly; every now and then let your baby's heart be pampered.

TAURUS♉ (21/04||20/05)
Element: Earth🌳
Planet: Venus

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Moon in Gemini with trine in the Sun, you're at peace with yourself, the energies just flow and you feel good, full of energy and available to others.
Do you want change and since the stars are satisfying you as the best tonic?
Sunday 17 keep in check the irritability that can be caused trivially by fatigue or even by being a woman once a month.

GEMINI♊ (21/05||21/06)
Element: Air 💨
Planet: Mercury

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The Moon in your sign guarantees an exciting week full of ideas for spending an adorable Valentine's Day.
Great time for new friendships and old loves that are soldered.
If you feel slowed, tired mind, especially on weekends take a break and, at the same time, try not to give credit to someone pretending to want your good thinks only of himself.

CANCER♋ (22/06||22/07)
Element: Water🌊
Planet: Moon

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On February 14th, a representative day of romantic love, it will be the most difficult due to a forcing that is made to you: there is nothing like feeling forced to make you explode.
The restlessness and a certain restlessness can make the day difficult, while the rest of the week will be simple, enjoyable.
You have implemented a series of expectations.
Often nothing is as it seems, so set off in search of an interiority and understand yourself.

LEO♌ (23/07||23/08)
Element: Fire 🔥
Planet: Sun

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The moon opposite to Jupiter does not make the week simple, far from it.
You will have to fight to get the considerations you deserve, and Valentine will follow the wave of the moment.
Mars in Taurus snerves you, makes you irritable and therefore not ready for a day that requires carefree feelings and love.
If you can glide and move everything to a date to be allocated.

VIRGO♍ (24/08||22/09)
Element: Earth🌳
Planet: Mercury

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In my opinion you should anticipate the evening of Valentine's Day a couple of days to be sure it's a good evening.
You are more motivated and interested in realizing your projects than open to love, even if those around you try to make you feel loved.
Mars, who enters just on the 14th, will give you the strength to decide decisively.
Not everyone will accept easily, especially the people of your family, to whom you will have to give testimony of what you really want to do.

LIBRA♎ (23/08||22/10)
Element: Air 💨
Planet: Venus

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A brilliant and seductive February 14th is the best way to celebrate love, whether it's newborn or old, the evening will be memorable.
Important: do not touch the money topic, especially in the family environment.
It could cause clashes and difficulties, give precedence to feelings, speak and think with the heart.
Take a refreshing break on Saturday and Sunday: as I always say sofa and cover, relax.

SCORPIO♏ (23/10||22/11)
Element: Water🌊
Planet: Mars

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Mars enters Taurus on February 14th and this does not say well for your impulsive and reactive character; Luckily, Venus is on your side and it's a little bit giving you - if you know how to contain yourself - delicious moments.
Everything depends on you.
If there is a conflict taking place, take the first step, put jealousy in your pocket and let yourself go to whatever your heart tells you.

SAGITTARIUS♐ (23/11||21/12)
Element: Fire 🔥
Planet: Jupiter

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The first quarter of the Moon in Taurus opens the week in a positive way, but in continuing to give you some annoyance especially to the respiratory tract, it will make you unhealthy an exit on the evening of 14.
Board sofa and cover for two. Use your imagination to build a special evening.
After the day dedicated to the most important sentiment, everything becomes rather chaotic, a relationship has a hard time meshing and another has no future.
You have to make decisions to understand where you want to go. Take a thoughtful pause.

CAPRICORN♑ (22/12||20/01)
Element: Earth🌳
Planet: Saturn

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I would say that you can celebrate Monday 11 and Tuesday 12, when you have a Moon with Venus in trigon that moves the sweetness and pure feelings.
You are not very good at talking, but if you let yourself be absorbed by the work to the point where you have nothing to say, you can bury yourself under tons of exhaustion, leaving the lightness of love at the mercy of events.
Live the moment, do not build castles or walls.
Open your head, look how good you've been able to do.

AQUARIUS♒ (21/01||19/02)
Element: Air 💨
Planet: Uranus

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The Moon in Gemini gives you that touch of fantasy that you need to start a wonderful day.
February 14 could be a happy anniversary.
You are full of affection, good intentions and generosity, this can only encourage the feeling of love.
Just be careful not to overdo it with jealousy, even if it is not a feeling that belongs to you but when it captures you, it upsets you and makes you do silly things.

PISCES♓ (20/02||20/03)
Element: Water🌊
Planet: Neptune

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Moon in Taurus at the start of the week, and Moon in Cancer at the weekend give you a nice week.
I advise you to celebrate your Valentine a little earlier or a little later, not the 14th, a day of tension that could be reflected on the relationship while on the whole you are experiencing a moment of particular intimacy of couple or has started a story that involves you.
The right moment for confirmation and involvement, you could decide for life.