Valentine’s Day is in ONE WEEK. Whether you’ve been dating for a day, a month, or years, it’s easy to feel pressure to plan the perfect date. Continue reading for the best V-Day ideas for you and your boo, or you and your besties!

Adventure outside

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If you’re living somewhere that’s snowing non-stop, put on your snow clothes and play in the snow! We’d go find our sleds, find the nearest hill, and tear up the snow. Trust us, you and your partner will remember this day for years. Finish with hot cocoa at your local cafe after for warm snuggles.

Now, if you’re in LA like us, hanging out outside is a little different. Spend the day outdoors in the sun! Drive to Santa Monica pier (or your local park), play the arcade games, and dip your toes in the freezing cold ocean. Finish your date with the chocolate series at Salt & Straw (or your favorite scoop shop).

Stay in

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If staying in is more your style, we totally get you. Spice up your regular staying in night with a full sundae bar (can you tell we like sweets?). Grab the ice cream, hot fudge, bananas, sprinkles, cookie dough… anything that your heart desires, and go to town! Throw on your favorite Netflix movie and relax.

See a show

Look up all the local shows that are playing! Whether it’s an indie flick, or a up and comer’s concert, grab tickets and get dressed up for a night out! Who knows, you might find a new favorite band!

Go out for teppanyaki

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Skip the traditional sit down dinner and enjoy a teppanyaki style feast. Nothing’s cooler than sitting in front of an amazing chef and watching how all the food is prepared!


Treat yourselves to a day of relaxation. Book a day at the spa, or create a spa day at home! Light candles, wear fluffy robes, and enjoy serenity.

Watch the sunset

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Sometimes all you need is a glass of wine, a folding chair, and your boo to enjoy the perfect evening.

What are your plans this Valentine's Day?!