Hey lovely hearters! So, there are multiple strategies to increase your productivity, such as time management and proper use of resources. Productivity is also directly correlated with your mental health, stress levels and anxiety. This article was inspired by a Pinterest picture♥

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Setting at least one small goal per day can lead to an entire productive week. Use simple, realistic and measurable goals.

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Planners keep all your tasks organized into one notebook. Use vibrant colors, highlighters and stickers to draw attention to important tasks.

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When working on an assignement, take a break every 25 minutes. This allows your brain to refocus and recharge.

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Rank your To-Do list in order of importance. Start with the most important task and work your way down. This ensures you complete your more critical assignments even if you're unable to complete your entire To-Do list.

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Use online resources like Google Calendar to schedule your weekly tasks. Set up reminders or alarms through your phone to remind you of important due dates.

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It's east to get distracted in a noisy environment, or at your own house where the TV is within close reach. Get your work done in a quieter environment such as the library.

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_Everyone deserves a reward after a long day of hard work. Rewarding yourself is just as important as being productive. Treat youself with small rewards after every item you complete from your task list. Also, make sure to reward yourself at the end of every week with a day of rest and relaxation.

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That's it! I really hope this helped! See you soon x♥