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FINALLYYYYYY!!!!! As promised in my article "What I learned after 1 year being Vegan", here is a guide to answer to meat eaters if you are vegan or vegetarian. Quite beautiful, piping hot! As you can see, this article is quite consistent, which explains the fact that I took so long to write it. I'll write another article about this topic if I hear some other questions, but these 40 ones already seem pretty enough.
I have struggled with this topic during a long time, and still am, so I know how difficult it can be, mostly when you are talking with your family and friends…

I couldn't post the whole article so I put it in two parts of 20 questions. Here is the Part 2:

Before you already leave this article (yes, you who wanted to quit, I see you): it's not only an article for plant eaters! Meat eaters can also find a lot of answers to their questions, and maybe understand the vegan lifestyle a lot more!
So now that I have every one's attention, here we go for Part 1!

Thought °1: It doesn't bother me when I see animals being slaughtered, or I don’t look. I don’t want to know and you can’t force me.

The fact that most people are presently unable to understand the holocaust of other species in hands of humanity is not something to boast about. Your conscience already knows that it is not right to cause needless harm to other conscious animals. Humans do not need to use animals as they are now entirely equipped to live vegan. We have so much easy possibilities now! It’s time for everyone to wake up, open their eyes and think about the misery we inflict on those who can suffer. It's also not quite happy to watch the controversial making of clothes in Bengladesh or the malnutrition of African children? Don't you watch that either? Don't you think it's important to know what is happening to others?

We have the power to end institutionalized exploitation of animals by purchasing cruelty-free and by living vegan. If we don’t demand animal products, it won’t be supplied anymore, and animals will no longer suffer and die for us. We are stronger together!

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Thought °2: Milk, eggs and cheese don’t kill the animals. So, no problem.

Except that yes, they do. Dairy cows endure pain as a result of their exploitation, are sexually abused by a full arm to artificially inseminate them, have their new-borns stolen from them over and over, and are killed to be eaten at around 5 years of their 20-25 year lifespan. The young new-born male calves are killed after a few weeks to become meat. The young new-born female calves are raised to experience the same miserable life as their mothers and their future children taken away from them.

Most hens are kept in small cages where they can not properly move. They lay way too much eggs for their little bodies, that is eventually destroyed because of it, and never see their children. When they hatch, the chicks are selected to only keep the female chicks because they are the only one who can produce eggs and live the same poor life as their mothers. The male chicks are either gassed, crushed or grown up alive, while they only are one day old… And even if some people have happy hens in their gardens that lay eggs, know that for every one of these grown-up hens, a baby male chick has been murdered.

The dairy and egg industries are built on the control of the reproductive systems of female animals. Then, the reproductive system of any species of female is being perceived as nothing more than an economic resource. It’s a feminist issue! Animals used for their milk or eggs lead lives of misery and, when they are no longer producing and profitable enough, they are killed to be eaten. Women, imagine if this was made to you…
Sperm of male animals, who were preserved for reproduction and kept in individual cages, is also withdrawn by machines to inseminate cows and hens. Men, imagine if this was made to you…

The animal-harming industry is all one big business, with different branches supporting each other. Vegetarians that consume dairy and eggs are funding animal exploitation and animals being killed. Veganism is the only ethical solution against the exploitation of other animals.

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Thought °3: What about honey? That’s too far!

To harvest the honey but also the wax, the propolis and the royal jelly, it is necessary to hunt the insects from their hive. The most used technique is to smoke the hive, but some use repellents. During the process, bees are poisoned or crushed. Queens often have their wings cut to ensure they remain in the hive.
Some honey producers, who are more respectful than the others, make sure that their bees have a minimum of honey to spend the winter. But in any case, the honey taken is replaced by simple glucose syrup, which is low in nutrients, without vitamins or enzymes. Normally, honey is the sole source of food for the bees during the cold season. About fifteen grams of this honey required a thousand round trips to collect nectar, which is a big works for bees!
In some cases, colonies of honey bees are destroyed after harvest, as the import of new colonies in the spring will be cheaper for the beekeeper than to take care of it during the winter. There is a distinction to be made between the fact that the human getting rid of an aggressor (louse, chip...), which is legitimate, and the deliberate exploitation of bees.

There is a range of substitutes, rigorously equivalent, whose tastes and nutritional qualities are no longer to prove. Maple syrup and agave syrup have a texture similar to that of honey, but also close and delicious tastes. The second has the virtue of a very high sweetening power: a small amount is enough to sweeten as much as a large spoonful of honey or sugar. To vary the pleasures, other foods such as cassava syrup are very close to honey but allow to open to new and delicious flavours.

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Thought °4: But lions and tigers eat other animals, it’s the circle of life.

Circle of life for them, perhaps. For you, not. Lions and tigers are obligate carnivores, meaning they have no choice but to eat animals because their bodies are built for it. In fact, their intestines are way shorter than ours, so meat can pass through their system in an appropriate amount of time without putrefying. Humans have long folding intestines that lets food move slowly through the digestive system, allowing the body to absorb as many nutrients as possible before the food is passed. And our stomach PH is the same as herbivores, perfectly made to digest plants.

Also, these animals can run fast enough to catch their prey and have long sharp canines and claws to kill it quickly and rip it apart. We do not, and we eat the animals that are the slowest and most docile and expect others to skin and de-bone them for us. In the wild, humans could maybe catch little animals or pick their eggs to eat them, but I don't think we could do a lot more...

And lions and tigers hunt to be able to eat. They do not keep their preys in dark buildings and do not force them to reproduce so they do not have to chase them.

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Thought °5: It’s clear that humans are predators just like many other animals, such as lions. I didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat plants!

We are different to lions who are truly carnivores. Humans have more of the anatomy of an omnivore, and more of an herbivore when you look at oral cavity, teeth, stomach acids, length of the intestines... Lions and tigers can eat fresh and raw meat, and can even eat slightly less than fresh meat, as they have enzymes in their stomachs that help stop them getting sick. We must cook meat and flavour it to make it safe and tasty for us to eat. And if you try eating meat that’s not quite fresh, you’ll throw it up.

Does your mouth water when you see a dead animal in the middle of the road? Do you get hunger pangs when you see a sheep in a field? No? Then your eating habits have nothing to do with those of a lion.

Speaking about the top of the food chain, did you know that, according to the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer), the Institute for Research for Development (IRD) and Agrocampus-Ouest, in the food chain, humans are not at the top, as we might think. Actually, we are at the same level as… anchovies and pigs! So, faaaaaar from a super predator! To reach this conclusion, these institutes used a classic tool in ecology, but which had never been applied to humans before due to believes: the trophic level, which allows to position the different species in the food chain. We are far from the top of the food chain.

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Thought °6: Humans are meant to eat animals. We have canine teeth for ripping flesh apart.

You can figure this one out all by yourself! Just really look at your canines… Are they as pointed as society and school made us think? Will you be able to slay an animal with your teeth in nature? You already have trouble with a whole apple…
Animals like lions eat other animals to survive, they are not able to eat fruit… We don't blame these animals: they don't exploit their prey by enclosing them, they just hunt to being able to eat. It's their way to live, just like anteaters eat ants and bats eat fruit.

Furthermore, the incisors of a carnivore are short, pointed and claw-like for grasping and shredding. The canines are very elongated and look like daggers to stab, tear and kill preys. The molars are flattened with irregular edges to function as serrated edges. Their teeth are also spaced so as not to trap stringy debris.
For an herbivore, the incisors are broad, flattened and spade-like for crushing. Canines may be small as for horses or prominent as for hippos. Herbivores have many molars for grinding plants. Their teeth are closely grouped (like in humans).

Meat-eating animals don’t chew their food, but tear pieces of carcasses and swallow them whole, and therefore don’t need flat teeth.
Herbivores meticulously chew their food to release the digestible contents and ensure thorough mixing of this material with their saliva to begin breaking down food molecules while the food is still in the mouth, just like humans.
Humans also have jaws that move side to side, just like cows, for example. Virtually no other meat-eating animal has jaws that can do so.

Then look at your hands! What are they perfect for? Shred and scratch? Or grab things? Will you be able to kill another living being with your nails in nature?
Humans began killing animals when they invented weapons. There was nothing else to eat and they had no choice to survive! It's not the case anymore! What do we still have of a predator, going to the supermarket with our trolley and grab pieces of already dead and de-boned animals wrapped in plastic?

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Thought °7: But cavemen hunted animals, which means eating meat is natural.

Think about from which period did these cavemen you are referring to come from? Even if you mean the Palaeolithic era, it lasted over two million years! Did every single caveman eat the same way over that long time span? And even if they did (which they didn’t), the very fact that they needed all those spears and arrows to kill preys, instead of just chasing it and ripping it apart like carnivores, shows that, even if animals were occasionally a food source, it was not a natural one for them.

Of course, humans are not eating or acquiring meat as it was done millions of years ago. And millions of years of other people doing something differently has no bearing on someone’s personal choice to do something today. For that matter, some people have also eaten vegetarian diets for millions of years.

If you also want to talk about poor African or Asian people who just can't go vegan because they are too poor, know that these people already eat a lot of plants, way more than they eat animals. But because these people can't right now doesn't mean we can't if we have the possibilities to do so! And, of course, the goal of all of this is not to force everyone to go vegan overnight, but to slowly transition to a plant-based diet for everyone, for the health of everyone and the planet.

But let’s be frank: people have always been stealing from the poor, raping the innocent, killing each other, hating for stupid reasons and smelling bad for millions of years as well. Does that make it right? Should we continue these traditions or do something to end it? We have reached a point in human evolution where we are able to live vegan. Our ancestors didn’t have the same opportunity.

Is it also natural to use artificial selection to breed animals, artificially inseminate them, pump them with antibiotics and growth hormones, slaughter them with machinery, send them to factories, package them in plastic, ship them across the country, then grab them and put them in our trolley to buy them?

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Thought °8: Don't you think you should be out helping people, instead of animals?

Animal and human liberation are entwined. If I, as a vegan, can persuade you to become vegan, I have helped you as well as the animals. It’s a saner and kinder way of living. Helping people to become vegan is the best activity we can possibly do in these times. Veganism is the hope of the planet and its inhabitants, from an environmental and sustainable perspective, to global warming (animal agriculture is the biggest culprit), to human health, to helping end human starvation by not funnelling most of the world’s grains and soy through bred animals for the rich to eat while others starve to death, to a hope for a world that is not based in violence at its very core. In helping animals, we might have found a cure for healing our planet.
Also, most vegans are sensitive to the exploitation of humans and they buy more products produced ethically and locally, which helps people too. After all, humans are animals too.

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Thought °9: You vegan are so manipulative and brainwashing. You just can’t force us to become vegan. Veganism is so extreme!

Yeah, it is definitely extreme to be considerate of sentient beings. The Holocaust was so laid back.
But, it’s true, we can not force you. We also do not try to give you a lesson as most of vegans were used to eating animals when they were kinds. We are only trying to help you opening your eyes and getting out of this brainwashing system. Let's talk about what the meat and milk industries have been making us believe since we were small. Since we were babies, they have been telling us, through commercials, TV shows and school outreach, that we are forced to eat meat and dairy products to be healthy, to have proteins and strong bones.
Now, we know now that it is false! We know scientifically that eating a lot of meat is a cause of cancer development and that high consumption of dairy products leads to osteoporosis problems. And despite these facts, meat and dairy products continue to be consumed, sold and processed in all possible and imaginable ways. We are brainwashed by these industries because it pays them a lot of money to make us believe things that are wrong!
Veganism is not about brainwashing people, on the contrary: it is opening their eyes to the fact that they've been brainwashed.
People must know the truth!

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Thought °10: Animals are here to make landscape beautiful and for us to eat them (yes, yes, I really heard this one…). The bible and god say that animals are here for humans to use ad that it’s okay to eat them. Humans have dominion over other animals. It's my culture, it’s traditions, it's my religion to eat animals.

Are you also an advocate of going back to slavery, captive virgins, and polygamy. What if we all followed the bible word-for-word? Especially that part about “thou shalt not kill.”? There is a lot of violence and contradictions in the bible. God, according to the bible, allowed slavery, pestilence, smiting new-born children and other violent and oppressive behaviour we would not approve of nowadays. The scriptures were written and interpreted by humans who we know make errors. The bible was written a long time ago. In present times, we are blessed to be able to live off the plant kingdom and therefore do not have to kill other animals who are sentient like us.

Almost everyone came from the mainstream culture that says eating animals is okay and needed. But traditions are meant to change as we evolve to a more humane and reflective race. Remember vegans had to rise out of the culture that they were indoctrinated with, so they are not asking you to do anything that they didn’t do themselves.
If a religion is worth anything, it should be to help us extend our compassion towards those who are in our mercy. It’s for every culture or religion, vegans don’t “fear” some religions and not others.

Also, if god created everything there is on earth, why did he/she create animals with such a neural and emotional system if they were meant to be killed and eaten by humans? Why are animals not as sensitive as plants? Is god a freaking psychopath who likes to see animals suffer? I personally thought he/she was love personified.

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Thought °11: Animals are lesser creatures than humans and we control them. Rights apply only to humans not to animals, humans are superior.

Says who: humans, of course! A humancentric, human-supremist specie! Exactly as some religions are based on a caste system, created by priests. Who do we find at the top of the castes? Priests.
This is wrong to control animals. Which right do we have to do it? This is human supremacy. We have to be speciesist to believe that only humans deserve to live their life free from human exploitation and assault. In this respect, all animals (both human or nonhuman) equally deserve legal protection from being harmed by humans, who can after all live just fine without exploiting other sentient animals.

Furthermore, there are many ways in which other animals are superior to humans: greater eyesight, keener hearing, larger brain, more loyal companions. Having superior characteristics has no bearing on the truth that all animals deserve to be granted legal “personhood” and not viewed as property or a commodity for human use.
The superior ones are those who act with respect, non-violence, and good intentions towards all sentient animals, both human and nonhuman. It is not someone who acts with blatant disregard for some animals while labelling himself superior.

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Thought °12: Animals have no soul, they don't feel pain.

All mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and some invertebrates like earthworms and insects have endogenous opiates (of which endorphins are the most well-known) and they function to alleviate pain following serious injury. Animals in horrific animal experiments avoid injurious stimuli in order to escape that stimuli. Why would an animal have a function to alleviate pain if he/she did not feel pain? Also, know that we share 98% of our evolutionary DNA with chimpanzees according to science. We are not that different!

When humans harm and kill other animals in slaughterhouses, these ones squawk and squeal (the equivalent of our scream) and struggle. They speak, but they go unheard. Only because they don’t speak to us in our language, we pretend not to hear what they are saying, for the sake of personal monetary gain, trivial pleasure, or out of ignorance, or not breaking free of one’s misguided indoctrination.

Other mammals share with us benzodiazepine receptors located in the central nervous system, which means that they feel fear, pain and anxiety. This has been shown in animal testing. How sad that we subjected animals to torture in animal experimentation to learn this obvious information. Animals are indeed capable of suffering.
All animals, human or nonhuman, have souls and are equal when it comes to the inherent right not to be harmed, enslaved, and murdered! Because they are sentient beings! Being capable of sensation gives them that fundamental right.
Just look in their eyes and tell me they have no soul.

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Thought °13: But vegans eat soy, and soy farming is destroying the rainforests.

While a lot of rainforests have been razed to the ground to grow soy and other crops, you will find (with a minimal amount of research) that the vast majority of these crops (80%) are grown for livestock feed. Also, plenty of vegans DON’T eat soy. In this world of plenty, soy does not have to be the staple of a nutritious vegan diet. There are lots of alternatives to soy.

Speaking of other plants, in the U.S., most of the corn, wheat, oats and soy are fed to the 10 billion land animals who are killed every year for human consumption. Worldwide, the majority of plants are fed to 60 billion farmed land animals. We obviously have to end the breeding of farmed animals which takes up much of our planet’s land space.

As Dr. Will Tuttle (PhD and author of The World Peace Diet) said “...the driving force behind deforestation is animal agriculture. We’re cutting down approximately 1 acre per second of Amazonian rainforest every day right now, and the driving force behind it is eating meat, dairy products and eggs: growing soybeans to feed imprisoned chickens, cows, pigs, and factory-farmed fish.”

With the gradual reduction of grazing farmed animals, the land would become available for growing crops, such as soybeans, without cutting down valuable forests. And this would allow us to feed many starving people thanks to these grains. You know, these exploited same people that produce plants and grains to sell them to meat and dairy industries while their own children are starving?

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Thought °14: Small animals die when grains are harvested, so you don't care about small animals?

You are talking about unintentional harm that sometimes can not be avoided. Vegans are working to eliminate speciesism from their thoughts and practices, and therefore do care about all animals, big or small, and are simply trying their best to avoid harming other animals as much as possible. No one can live on this planet without harming other animals/insects or taking from the environmental resources. However, vegans are trying to minimize their harm. Some vegans eat locally produced food that is grown on smaller commercial farms who may be able to lessen their harming of smaller animals.

However exploiting animals for food, clothing, entertainment, labour, breeding, or experimentation is intentional harm/exploitation/assault/oppression.
Non-vegans “consume” more grains and crops than vegans because 80% of all the soy and other crops are funnelled through farmed animals. So, if harvesting grains is killing smaller animals, then non-vegans are more the culprit, as they are literally responsible for more plants being used and then kill way more small animals than vegans.

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Thought °15: You don’t have to be vegan. I don’t eat supermarket meat, I only eat grass-fed, poetry-read, tucked in bed animals. This is sustainable and okay.

The 3 reasons for going vegan are 1) for the animals, 2) for health, and 3) for the planet. Maybe you are choosing to eat “happy” meat to likewise lean towards a healthier, cleaner and more ethical diet. But the truth is that “happy” meat fulfils none of these criteria. It is barely healthier, it still contains as much artery clogging saturated fat, cholesterol and hormones as mass-produced meat, so you are avoiding none of the diseases caused by these.

“Happy” meat is actually LESS environmental, as grass-fed animals emit significantly more global warming methane than factory farmed animals. Also, a lot more land is needed to raise these animals. If everyone in the world eventually decided to eat “happy” meat, there would not be enough land on the planet to provide this!

And you think it’s a more animal friendly way to farm? How? Healthy animals are still slaughtered (often in the same slaughterhouses as conventionally farmed animals) after only a quarter of their natural life-span. Free-range chickens still live in inhumane, barbaric conditions, with all male chicks being superfluous and gassed, crushed or grown up alive.

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Thought °16: Humane slaughter is OK. I buy organic, so the animals are more humanely raised. They had a good life. Small farms are good for the environment. I support cage-free, humanely raised, but I don’t support cruelty to animals.

A slight variant of the previous one. If you eat animal products (whether factory-farmed or small farmed), eat eggs from your backyard hens, wear animal skins, use cosmetics and cleaning products that were tested on animals, go to circuses, zoos, rodeo’s or dog or horse races, or buy a “pet” from a breeder, etc, you DO support cruelty to animals, whether you say you don’t. Vegans have decided to face up to it, go online and educate themselves about what it means to be vegan as a stance of basic decency in our relation to other animals.

Also, even if the fact that it’s organic, grass-fed and humanely slaughtered seems more okay, it is still not for the animals! Put yourself in their place! They are fully conscious beings, with eyes, a brain, a heart and many similar bodily functions and systems as humans. They communicate and look at us in the eyes, they scream and plead for mercy when they are being killed, even in “humane” slaughterhouses. They are much like us.

If you wanted to eat a person, would you describe your slaughtering of them as humane? Even if they were put asleep before being shot in the head? Many people are drugged before being raped so they are not conscious. Is this humane? Humans killing other animals is NEVER humane, whether organic or conventional.

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Thought °17: Every vegan I’ve ever seen is pale, scrawny and weak.

Yeah true, I’ve never known a sick meat eater before. It must be a vegan thing.

Seriously, how many vegans have you seen? I personally don’t know that many, maybe two or three. There are also plenty of meat-eaters who are pale, scrawny and weak. If someone is like this, he/she is not eating properly, whether he/she is a vegan or not.
Why are you holding vegans up to a higher standard than all the weak, skinny or obese and unhealthy meat-eaters out there?

Furthermore, there are plenty of vegan sportspeople, athletes and bodybuilders who are achieving their best ever performances on a plant-based diet, such as Venus Williams (tennis player), Jermain Defoe (footballer), David Haye (boxer), Scott Jurek (ultramarathon runner), Kendrick Yahcob Farris (weightlifter), Carl Lewis (olympic sprinter), Meagan Duhamel (figure skater), Barny du Plessis (bodybuilder), Bode Miller (skiier), Lauren Lovette, Natasha Sheehan, Sylvie Guillem and Juliet Doherty (ballet dancers). You can check for more!

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Thought °18: My friend went vegan and she got really tired and sick. Her body just NEEDED meat. She felt fine when she went back to eating it. In fact, she cried when she took her first bite of beef and felt the strength flood back into her body. The human body just needs animal protein.

Did she ask herself why? Was she a completely healthy meat-eater previously? Was she fully informed on how to nourish herself on a plant-based diet?
Even the conservative American Dietetic Association says that “…appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.”, knowing “vegetarian” here applies to vegetarians AND vegans (mentioned in the document).

Just as one should make the effort to ensure they get a full quota of vitamins, minerals nutrients and fibre on a standard diet, so one should on a vegan diet! There is no reason for anyone to get tired and weak on a varied vegan diet that contains plenty of energy giving whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, not just the fruit and vegetables. Except in case of rare disease or allergies in which cases eating animal products is easier and more affordable (because that exists), no human body absolutely NEEDS meat. They can get all the nutrients they would get from meat in plant-based foods, and they’re usually of better quality and more bio-available.
If a vegan eats whole foods, grains, legumes, seeds/nuts, fruits and vegetables (especially dark leafy greens), plenty of raw foods, gets some sunshine, and daily sprinkles B12 fortified delicious cheesy tasting nutritional yeast on their meals, they should have excellent health. But since veganism is not a diet, but an ethical position, there are some vegans who don’t find eating and living healthfully that important.

Let’s talk about "The China Study" or the China-Cornell-Oxford Project, that was a 20-year study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Cornell University, and the University of Oxford, directed by T. Colin Campbell (not a vegetarian, at the time). The study examined mortality rates, diets, and lifestyles of 6,500 people in 65 rural counties in China and concluded that people with a high consumption of animal-based foods were more likely to suffer chronic disease, while those who ate a plant-based diet were the least likely. The authors conclude that people who eat a plant food/vegan diet will minimize or even reverse the development of chronic diseases. They also recommend adequate amounts of sunshine to maintain a sufficient levels of vitamin D, and dietary supplements of vitamin B12 in case of complete avoidance of animal products, and to minimize the usage of vegetable oils.
Also, one thousand vegans were studied in the United States and they found that vegans had 40% less body fat and achieved healthy weight.
Now you know everything.

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Thought °19: If you don’t milk a cow, its utters will explode. Cows need to be milked, so we are doing them a favour.

Of course. My breasts would explode too if I wasn’t milked. Oh wait, I wasn’t artificially inseminated and then had my baby torn away from me a day or two after birth so humans can take my milk… That must be why a human female breasts don’t make milk after her child being weaned!

But seriously: it is true that if a dairy cow is not relieved of her milk, that her udders can become so painfully distended with milk that she might be incapable of walking to reach water or food and, consequently, die. The reason this doesn't happen in nature is that bovines, like other mammals, only lactate after giving birth and while nursing their young babies. Because farmers take milk from a cow who is producing it, they steal her new-born calf from her and instead hook her up to milking machines that simulate the nursing of calves like twice a day. If a farmer neglects to milk cows, who have had their babies taken from them, they will moo in distress from the discomfort. If farmers didn't take calves from their mothers, the calves would suckle about every twenty minutes and the mother cow would never experience the discomfort and potentially lethal result of not being milked enough.
It's the same with sheep, they will not disappear behind their wool… They will lose their hair and fur, just like every other furred animals, and humans.

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Thought °20: If we didn’t breed animals for food, they would go extinct.

Your concern for other animals is so touching! But if we hadn’t selectively bred them to be fat, weak and docile, they wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Most animals exist because they are purpose-bred for human use. We should stop breeding them into existence only to be seen as a commodity that a human can own, a human who sees living sentient animals as a money-making opportunity. This is morally wrong.

So, if we didn't eat them, there certainly would not be 2 billion of them. Cows, in the numbers that they exist, are not good for the planet at all, with all their emissions adding to global warming, and their topsoil eroding, their abundant excrement causing water pollution, their trampling down the new growth of native trees, and their high-water consumption.

If we stop eating them, we would stop purposely breeding them into existence. Society would legally give them sanctuary after we legally outlaw humans owning any species of animal. That would greatly reduce their numbers. They would be kept separated so as not to enable them to continue on, and they would just live out their life in peace. They would legally be protected from sexual assault by humans and all breeding would end. Some animals that will be in sanctuaries will be free to naturally mate for the continuance of their species, so we can continue to love and cuddle cows, rather than eat them, abuse them, and wear their skins. Cows rescued in sanctuaries have proven to be lovely friends.

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Thank you so much for reading! Oh my goddess, I am soooo happy to have finished this article! I can now go live my life again!

Now that you know all of this, you can make your own opinion. I really hope it was helpful and that you found some ideas to defend your point of view and your noble fight for more equality between all earthlings!

I am available for everyone who wants to continue the discussion! Let me know if this helped you, if you have other meat eaters’ arguments, if you have some questions yourself! I would be very happy to help!

Remember that, even if it hasn't always been the case in history, we now have the opportunity to go vegan healthily and not harm animals anymore. So why shouldn't we?

Go check my previous article about what I learned after one year of being vegan!

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Radiating Love!

- Allie ♡