Lovely Hearters, do not forget how precious you all are. We at We Heart It are here to remind you that you are perfect, kind, wonderful and deserve everything. Please share this message with the world, send it to a friend that needs to hear it, or give it to a stranger.

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These are just a FEW out of the million reasons of why you deserve happiness.

There is NO ONE like you.

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No, seriously, there is not one human being that is exactly like you. Isn’t that pretty cool? You are unique, have incredible skills, contain knowledge that nobody else does and are triumphant and brave.

You are loved.

There are so many people in your life that love you, even if you think that there aren’t. There is always someone out there wishing you well.

You are working hard.

No matter what you’re doing, you’re here. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, as long as you continue to do you and realize that is enough.

You care.

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You wouldn’t be online if you didn’t have some sort of passion! Whether that’s finding stories that make you smile, images that inspire you to be a better photographer, or just looking at puppies online (guilty!), you’re caring about something that you do.

You’re on We Heart It!

You are in the most inspirational app out there right now, and that’s a reason to be happy. You are surrounding yourself with other like-minded UNIQUE individuals who are sharing creative and motivational content that you need.

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Got it? Now like we said, spread this message to the world! Thank you for being so amazing.

Team We Heart It -- WE LOVE YOU!