Many articles are defining what kind of styles exist or how to match with one of them, but not many are speaking about what you should actually do to choose to which one you belong. Or even if you are different you could listen your mind. And of course it must suit you after all!

How many times you stand in front of window wondering what to do? what to wear? you don't even know what suits you even if you have a lot of clothes, you are lost in styles and ideas. Because your mind is separated, you are everywhere, but nowhere, you tried all but after all you don't see yourself in any style.

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So...I would give you just tips that could help you on that way...

1. Your lifestyle matters here a lot
Are you busy, going out a lot, meeting people, how you spend your day? When you know what kind of life you are having you would match your own style with it, what you are able to follow and apply to yourself...

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2. You job dictates style
Are you working with people or staying mostly at home? Do you spend most of your day in office, or you go out to meet co-workers, clients. Who you are meeting there. Could you be casual, classy or your work has its own outfit rules...?

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3. Your shape of body, hairstyle, face, skin...
Your shape, length of your hair, hairstyle, eye colour, skin tone...All would dictate colours of your clothes, makeup, colour of your hair too if you want to change it. I won't tell you what actually you should choose, but on what way you should think...If you have other thoughts, to stand, and think again about what is right and to find your own opinion.

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4. Your personality
They don't say without purpose, "Dress how you want to be addressed." Your personality speaks a lot with who they are dealing with, and who you actually are. Maybe we don't "judge the book" from its look, but if we don't why we want to make the book look amazing and lovely from outside to catch the attention of buyer? Same with people, it is able to be compared trust me...

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5. Your goals
What you want to achieve, what you actually want from your life, everything is able to be seen from how your show up to the group and people. When you enter the room it must be seen with who they are speaking with. If you want to look serious and someone who takes the lead from it's life, have goals and dreams, and dress like someone who has no energy to live this life. What you will show? There won't be any confidence to take the wheel for the top...

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That is it for today my ladies! (and of course gentleman if someone of them would read this) Down below you could check some things you may like to read...Stay classy, bossy and rock that style!

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