it hard to think that we weren't together for long
but months turned into years in my heart
i wish it was true

we were perfect together
everything about us seemed like fate and you knew it too
everyone did

the nights we spent eating takeout by the water
watching the sun set and the love in your eyes

or the parties cancelled to be together
and the late night calls that lasted till the sun peeked through my curtains and hearing you're voice fade as you fell asleep

the heart stuffy you won from the claw machine at the cinema
you knew it was cliche but i loved it

i loved everything if it was from you.

but daily texts and random calls just to make sure i was okay disappeared
and soon they came and they went every other day, to three days, to twice a week

i felt it in my stomach
i didnt want to believe it

and soon rumors came to me from people i hadnt spoke to in years
asking why you were out with another girl

and we were so perfect, never gave me a reason to not trust you
until now

suddenly you wanted a break but not without conditions

no seeing other people, promising our love, and that i would patiently wait two weeks for you

i was willing to wait forever for you

but soon you were telling people that we weren't getting back together
that you didnt care

and in a flash
just like that
you chose her over me

i hate that i still love everything about you
i hate that i see us together every night in my dreams
i hate that i wish it was real.