1. harry potter

harry potter, eyes, and glasses image harry potter, potter, and Letter image harry potter, hogwarts, and marauders map image aesthetic, dark academia, and black image

2. hermione granger

aesthetic, beauty, and celebrities image people and photography image aesthetic, Houses, and blood red image harry potter, gryffindor, and red image

3. ron weasley

Image by Private User school, ew, and tumblr image bed, cozy, and room image aesthetic, harry potter, and freckles image

4. luna lovegood

aesthetic, alternative, and art image Image by Adela Cerchez bunny, bambi brown, and beige image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

5. draco malfoy

aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image Lyrics and aesthetic image aesthetic, green, and harry potter image Mature image

6. fleur delacour

flowers, aesthetic, and blue image white, city, and paris image art, beige, and statue image Image by Private User

7. cho chang

Image by ♡ stars, necklace, and constellation image book, blue, and aesthetic image girl, pale, and grunge image

8. ginny weasley

fashion, orange, and style image heidi and seven dwarves image autumn, converse, and fall image Mature image