Hi hi! so personally I love all things vintage: the fashion, old Hollywood movie star feel, the music (and I guess that's basically the aesthetic lol) I don't think any of us want to actually live in the past (you now, due to the extremely racist, homophobic and sexist atmosphere) but we do love the "aesthetic" and the style of things. So, with that being said, here are a few ways to rock the vintage aesthetic in the modern world!

Just a FYI: Vintage can be from any era of the past, meaning it could be as late as the 2000's. I will mainly be focusing on the area around 50's-60's but you could apply most of these tips to any era!

First things first: find your vintage icon!
If you're a fan of someone, you probably look up to and gather inspiration from them. By having a vintage icon, you'll have some to give you inspiration for your vintage aesthetic. Watch documentaries, watch their movies and/or listen to their music, and examine their style.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It audrey, audrey hepburn, and fashion image
Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn

Let's get into the Fashion!
Obviously it may look a little odd to walk in with a full on vintage outfit, poodle skirts and all, but that doesn't mean you can't embody the vintage style! Here are simple ways to incorporate vintage fashion trends into an everyday outfit:

=High-Wasted Bottoms=

Image by tenderlygirl style and vintage image
High-wasted can really go with any decade:50's, 60's, 70's and so on. There are different variations that can fit each decade. High-wasted jeans are already trendy now so it wouldn't be hard to incorporate. Other ideas include high-wasted bathing suits and skirts. To add the vintage touch, just tuck your shirt in the pants/skirt


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Blouses are usually reserved for formal occasions, but back in the day they were everywhere. The dainty and delicate nature of blouses give the vintage feel. Pair them with anything high wasted and your set!


cherry, indie, and pattern image fashion, style, and outfit image
vintage, beach, and girls image
Patterns with fruits, stripes, and plaid will add that retro flare to our outfit! Lace brings the delicacy of vintage as well



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Easy/cute things to add vintage into your hair

=Sun glasses=

pink, girl, and vintage image hair, tezzamb, and retro image
Heart shape/thin glasses are key to being cute and vintage/retro in the summer

=Simple Jewelry=

necklace, fashion, and gold image nails, ring, and beauty image
Simplicity adds to the delicacy and softness of vintage fashion. It is very classy and humble


= Red lips and big eyes=

lips, red, and makeup image Temporarily removed
Creates the dramatic Hollywood starlet look

Vintage Lifestyle Tips
I think something that is appealing about the past decades is the simplicity of society. Here are someways to implement easy vintage habits into your life:

=Writing/pen pals=

princess image Image removed
Whether you write poetry, keep a journal, or write stories, something about writing is so nostalgic. I recommend doing all writing projects on paper and keep a journal. Instead of texting someone "I luv u", hand write them a love letter. My friend and I are doing a pen pal thing where we send letters to each other in the mail and it super fun and exciting. It's super easy to do and more interesting/personal than any digital message

=Don't go on your phone the first 30 minutes you wake up/go to sleep=

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Back in the day, they obviously didn't have smartphones and social media. However, staying away from technology in this era and telling you to stay away from your phone the whole day is unrealistic. Waking up/going to sleep without your phone is not only healthy, but it will give you space to live and wake up in your own world without distraction.

=Go out and explore the world=

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Live in a world without plans, without maps, and live spontaneously. Technology has made everything to easy and we often forget there was a time when there was no imessage or wifi. Instead of using google, go out and explore/ learn things by yourself

+Other Tips+

=Listen to old music=

red and music image art, Betty, and black flag image
Go on youtube and type in "Top hits from the..." (enter in the decade of music. It will introduce you to new artist and music of the decade. Personally, I love doo-wop.

=Use a vintage phone wallpaper=

flowers, wallpaper, and nature image Temporarily removed
Try out the wallpapres above to add some vintage to your phone :)

=Vintage filters=

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Add vintage filters to contribute to the aesthetic

Thanks so much for reading! If you want more vintage inspo, check out my collection: