This is a character study for one of the main characters in a piece of fiction writing I'm working on called Tenacity and Retention. More vague, story-wide visuals can be found in the story's collection.

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Eliana is a young mage from Alta, a district of the Inthian Kingdom.

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Inthia is located in the Southeast of Kenma, filled with forests and rivers. Inthia is seasonal, but typically the seasons aren't too harsh.

The Inthian people carry mage blood. Not all Inthians are mages, but all mages are Inthian.

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Dragons also originate in Inthia, although new breeds have been introduced to other nations.


Eliana was a local prodigy. She saved her older brother's life with magic when she was only 6 years old. She is very talented and highly regarded by the villages elder mages.

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Eliana loves using her powers to help. Often heals injured animals she finds in the woods or mends broken gardening tools for her neighbors. She loves writing about her magic abilities in her grimoire(spell book) and teaching her peers new tricks. (She taught her best friend Jimin how to brew the hair color changing potion that he uses so often).

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Her best friend is a fellow mage named Jimin
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As well as herb specialist Wonwoo and her life-long frienemy, Simi


The district in which Eliana lives is a small tree community of which the members all work together and help one another out. Eliana, as well as the others in his district under 18, goes to academic lessons during the morning. Her lessons include Herbs, Potions, Gem & Stones, Creatures, Harnessing of Magic, and Literature. In the afternoon, she goes to martial arts and sword handling training with Simi, Wonwoo, and Jimin.

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