Hi, guys Evey here! Oh my gosh! It's been forever I have posted a blog update! Before I get started with today's topic I just want to say Merry late Christmas! Happy New year! Whoo! 2019! I have not been updating because I have been busy with finals, family time, and working during the holidays. I also have been dealing with something personal through the first week of January which had brought my mood really down and I did not feel like talking anyone besides my mom and people who I am close to. Anyhow, I feel great! I'm back in college being busy as usual and trying to succeed on getting my degree! Now I know some of you are high school seniors and you're in that time where you already applied for colleges, sending your transcripts, your grades, letters of rec, etc. Some of you got accepted to your dream school, received an acceptance letter and a scholarship to pay your needs. If you did congratulations! I hope you succeed If you did not do not feel bad for yourself.

A year ago I have applied to 10 universities and one of my dream schools was UCF. I remember excitedly finishing up my college application and sending all my high school info to them. Unfortunately, by January I received a letter from UCF saying that I was deferred, meaning I was in the waiting list. I had received the same thing from other Florida universities. I felt really disappointed in myself because I thought I would have an opportunity, but I felt like I didn't...However, in April I did get accepted to Adventist Health University a medical private school. I was happy but it was not the school I actually wanted to go plus it was very expensive. I ended up going to Valencia community college because I still wanted to go school to achieve on my major, it was very cheap, and they also had a 2-year transfer a to a certain university of my choice. My first term was during the summer of June where I took two general ed classes and this helped me experience the life college which helped me be prepared for the fall semester. No matter what college you will go you will still get an education for what want to pursue.