so its been a minute. quite the minute, more like. but i'm here once again. anywayโ€” DON'T TRY THIS.

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aesthetic, red, and gold image red, fashion, and rings image
favorite lyrics โ€” seven headed snake, what you call that? / bleeding like an open scar

smiling through the gold teeth
gold rings on my fingers make your face bleed
out up in the hills, pop a seal under palm trees
feel the landslide, then I lose my damn mind


blurry, depressed, and red image city, dark, and aesthetic image
favorite lyrics โ€” don't choose / if you love it then you cut the thing loose, yeah / ... / it's hard for me to end a conversation / with "i love you" when i know it's not true, no

i'm terrified by thoughts of getting close to you
justify my terror when we talk it through
find somebody else to cure the pain for now
pop another pill and help your brain calm down
then she fell down the stairs, yeah


drink, party, and alcohol image Mature image
favorite lyrics โ€” tell 'em that I died like a rockstar / tell 'em I got high like a rockstar / ... / see I worship the dead, they worship the living, yeah

take drugs, stay high
view the fucking earth from the outside
pop pills through the daytime
and if I die tell my mumma that I died like a rockstar
fuck a cop car, they will never catch us
like a rockstar, living too fast, like a rockstar


Image by chloe red image
favorite lyrics โ€” i only exist to fall / habits like the ghost of god / ... / devilish, fucking with my guys, yuh / i make sacrifices, you make lies up / heaven lost an angel when i signed up

sever off the head and watch the body fall
see you in the depths, that ain't a metaphor
sex, blood, fashion, dripping holy water
holy shit, she worshipping my dick like it's the holy father
triple the six, abandon your god 'cause he don't exist


smoke, car, and night image black, grunge, and nike image
favorite lyrics โ€” green, green, i can tell that she must hate me / green face, is it jealousy or envy?

all i see is green, all i see is green, all i see is green
tt's green where the grass grows, let the cash flow
you can keep your head high, keep that ass low
let the meds talk, then i knock the heads off


red, knife, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and lovely image
favorite lyrics โ€” hard drugs, no trust / fuck love, we can do this shit forever if it's lust, yeah, yeah

i get nervous, like is it worth it?
i know i'm fucking up his life, it's on purpose
he doesn't deserve it, i can see it in your eyes
you're the kind who'd let the flames take your life away


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