I just recently started to discover and develop my love of stand up comedy. John Mulaney was one of the first comedians that I found. He gave me a high expectation for other comedy specials that I watched after him.

Kid Gorgeous is the latest in the trio of John Mulaney comedy specials on Netflix. Starting with "New in Town" and then adding "The Comeback Kid" Mulaney's special "Kid Gorgeous" had a lot to build on and a lot to live up to. Somehow, the Chicago native managed to meet and even exceed expectations.

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Mulaney balances the art of story telling and modern issues without being overly aggressive (which many comedians struggle with). The overall tone of the special is lighthearted and relatable. His ability to capture the audience and transport them into his stories is unparalleled.

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Like any well written stand up comedy act, Kid Gorgeous builds into a grand crescendo of multi-dimensional jokes that are flawlessly performed in a style that is unique to Mulaney.

Perhaps even more remarkable, Mulaney's jokes have managed to incorporate themselves into the daily dialog of comedy fans. From "street smarts" to "moral backbone of a chocolate eclair" Mulaney has created a jargon that connects his extensive fan base.

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Over all, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City is a beautifully written and performed act. The magnificent theater it takes place in only adds to its artistic brilliance. It's a great end to a good day, and a great solution for a long day.