Here's a lesson I've learn the hard way, and very recently.
To not trace your life on your relationships, and to not except anything from people.
I'm a very sensitive people and I used to love to interact with people. Moreover, I wanted to have a lot of friends and to maintain those relationships for a long time.
But unfortunately, it turns out that I was giving more myself than another did. And it hurts.

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I had a lot of deceptions this year, like A LOT. and it didn't evolved people I just met. No, it was from some with who I had history.
And I know we only have few real friends in life, but a lot of deceptions like that, it eventually affect you a lot.

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Because of that, I had, and still have difficulties to open up, and even to talk with people I don't know. There is like boundaries, and I can hardly overcome it.
All of that got me hard, and I suffered a lot. I questioned myself and I even touch rock bottom. But I eventually decided that I couldn't let myself go this far anymore. So I took back myself in hand.

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Today, I feel kinda better. I try the best I can to remain detached, and to not expect from others.
I know now that the only person I can trust is myself.
I'm the person I will spend the most of my lifetime with, so I must respect me. I must learn to be confortable with myself and to not give myself to anyone.
Even tho, I must not close myself to the world.

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