Hello again, hope you liked my part 1 so let's get into day 2

Day 2:
How is your character's appearance? For example green eyes, black hair etc.

  • Eyes: Normally they are blue but if she is angry they will turn red. When she is sad/upset they turn white and when she's happy/excited they turn purple
blue, blueeyes, and makeup image danielle panabaker, gif, and killer frost image anime, girl, and anime girl image anime, black red white, and art image
  • Hair: She has long curly pink hair but can change it at will. Most of the times she changes it to white to match her white eyes, red is also one of her favorite colors alongside pastel blue.
hair, pink, and pretty image aesthetic image Image removed blue eyes, lip ring, and red hair image
  • Body: She has big pouty lips, she is rather fit due to her martial arts and dance training.
red, lips, and aesthetic image black swan and movie image fitness, motivation, and fit image blonde and sucker punch image

*Style: She loves wearing leather pants and army jackets but she also wears a lot of gowns because of the many duties she has as a princess. Her favorite attire is leggings and a sports bra due to the fact that training is her way to escape from everything.

fashion, style, and rock image Dream, dress, and pastel blue image Image by Sophie clothes, fit, and grey image
  • Favorite accessories: She doesn't go anywhere without her circlet crown braided in her hair which has a blue topaz stone (her dynasty's gem). Adelis doesn't go anywhere without her swords because she is a warrior princess, even in formal events she just conceals them with magic. She loves wearing high heels and is trained to fight while wearing them. Her last accessory is her engagement ring but she wears it around her neck because her beloved died in the war.
blue and crown image katana, samurai, and sword image beauty, earrings, and jewelry image heels and shoes image

Soo that's it for today! See you all tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed today's challenge. There will be a story about this character on Quotev and once it's published I will likn it here.