It is exciting to have a blog and it does not matter if it is for a personal page or for commerce. We always get that giddy feeling every time we publish a post for the whole World Wide Web to see.

Free blogs like any others are easy to use and you can create one in minutes. But the question is, will you be able to compete with the thousands of other bloggers out there?

The competition in blogging has been very tight over the years. The ‘Search Engine Ladder’ has become more difficult to climb due to the hundreds of criteria one needs to consider to reach the top.

So unless people know where exactly to find your blog, there is a high chance that no one gets to read any of your blog posts.

Whoopsie… did I just discourage you there?

I wasn't trying to. Instead, my intention is for you to get more competitive, stop being scared and start a blog right now. Because if you do, you just might be able to turn your world upside down like any successful bloggers out there. There are good reasons why many people still blog despite these struggles.

So where do we start?

The most essential part of starting a blog is, of course, is setting up a WordPress blog that your audience will love at first sight.

Basically, there are five steps to create a free WordPress blog. The first three involves choosing a homepage layout, theme, and a domain or the blog name. Next is to pick a plan and finally, create your account.

Step 1. Choosing the Homepage Layout. There are four layout choices to pick and they are suitable for different purposes.

“A list of my latest posts” is chosen by most bloggers as it displays the latest blog updates in a plain format.
“A grid of my latest posts” is suggested or photographers or those bloggers who like to post nice photos on their blogs. This displays many posts/photos in a grid format.
“A welcome page for my site” and “an online store” are great for businesses as they can accommodate both photos and texts. This will be appropriate for displaying product descriptions along with the pictures.

Step 2. Choosing a Theme. A theme does not only make a blog beautiful. The best WordPress blog themes will instantly capture the attention of the readers and will entice them to stay and read more on the blog.

There are plenty of WordPress blog themes to choose from. You choose free ones or pay for premium themes. Either way, there will be a theme that will exactly match what you have in mind.

Browse the gallery to see a preview of the themes. I want to warn you though, choose the theme you want for the meantime. Many waste a lot of hours because of searching the whole theme gallery when they can actually do that for later.

Step 3. Choosing a Domain or the Blog Name. A catchy blog address is one of the ways to get and keep blog followers.

Sadly, most of the catchy domains are already taken so you should brainstorm your way into this step. You can either use your name like other bloggers or pick a name that's best for your blog's object of interest. You may also consider buying a domain name to secure it for yourself.

Step 4. Selecting a Plan. After having the layout, theme, and domain name, you are almost ready to publish your blog. But first, you need to pick a plan that will work for you. In this case, click on the free plan to set up your blog without paying for anything.

For the free plan, you get to use the WordPress .com sub-domain along with your own blog name. Community support, basic design customization options, and a 3GB storage space come along with this plan.

Step 5. Creating a WordPress Account. Finally, the last step in publishing a free blog is to have a WordPress account. You need to have a valid email address for this step and choose a username.

The username is not the same as the blog name so feel free to use one that you can easily remember. Lastly, create a strong password to avoid having your account being hacked.

After creating your account, will send a verification to complete your registration. Click on the link to verify the account then log in to your WordPress admin page.

As soon as you get these five steps done, you are ready to create your first post and publish it to your audience.

Use the Post tab on the dashboard to publish a new post. If you want, you can further customize the design of your blog by tweaking the theme. Just click on the Appearance tab on the dashboard then choose Themes. Explore the dashboard for a lot more options in customizing your blog.

If you followed the steps carefully, then you will have a blog that works. The next thing to do is to learn how to create blog posts that are captivating.

Work on creating high- quality content and do your best to update more often. These are the most important things you need to maintain to keep the audience enthralled to your blog.

You should constantly look for tips and suggestions about content creation. This includes researching good topics, creating strong headlines and using photos and videos to supplement your post. Master the art of creating high- quality blog posts and you will have loyal followers who will lift your blog high up the rankings.