The weather is getting colder every day and it’s definitely time to escape to the warmth. We’re headed to tropical destinations this winter and we’re making sure our Away bags are packed with all the essentials. Keep reading to find out what we can't live without on vacation! 🌴

If you can’t make it to a spot with warmer weather, find yourself an indoor pool or save these essentials for summer!

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A cute swimsuit

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It’s time to switch out your snowsuit for a swimsuit. Try these styles we’ve been loving and feel amazing in your bikini!

High-waisted bottoms

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We love high-waisted bottoms because they literally flatter everyone.

Shop our favorite style from L*Space!


This style is SO comfortable. We’ll be ready for snorkeling, paddle boarding or beach volleyball.

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We absolutely love the Elle style from Solid & Striped. Shop it now!

Animal print

You’ll for sure stand out in this fun print! Get ready for a major confidence boost.

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Grab your favorite animal print suit now from Sommer Swim NOW!


DO. NOT. FORGET. YOUR. SUNSCREEN. Reapply often, and don’t forget to remind your friends and family.

Shop our favorite below! It’s small enough to put in your beach bag, fanny pack, or even your pocket.

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BEAUTYCOUNTER Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Stick

A Beach Bag

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A beach bag is a must for storing your sunscreen, snacks and all other essentials. You can also use it as your carry-on item to save room on the plane!

Small Provence Tote
Palm Trees Straw Tote

A beach read

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Relaxing in the sun is not complete without a good book by your side. We recommend a light romance novel (hello, A Day in December) or a fun autobiography! But seriously, keep it light… you don’t need any tears on the beach!

Read A Day in December by Josie Silver

Read Is Everything Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) By Mindy Kahling

Hair Texturizing Spray

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Raise your hand if going into the ocean does NOT give your hair those “beach waves” everyone talks about. Ok good, so not just us. We need a little help and this spray does just the trick.

PLAYA Endless Summer Spray!

Shimmer Oil

Rub a little bit of shimmer on you after you’ve spent the day at the beach. You’ll be sure to get that sunset glow.

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Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil!

Waterproof disposable camera

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Stop worrying about losing your phone or DSLR… this is the only camera you need on the beach. Be sure to post the pictures on We Heart It!

Ok, got it all?! Good! We're packing these essentials in our Away suitcase and you should too. These suitcases are literally perfect for every destination, and you cannot beat the color choices! Trendy travel is our specialty. 😉

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Shop our favorite carry-on now!

Where are you escaping to this winter?! Message us and let us know!