Hi, hello, I hope you're doing well. I haven't been active in six months I think,

Am I still alive? yes I am, I survived alright.

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Though, it's been rough, the second half of 2018, it's been rough indeed. I didn't have the best summer ever, but that's okay, that passed, not a big deal, just some family stuff.

Started my second year at uni, met my friends again, I was happy to see them, cause even if we said we were going to make plans over the summer, we did not, so i was pumped to see them again and catch up.

was happy to see I completly got over my ex crush, got a new crush, he's cute, better than the first one, that one was an a*s, still is but whatever.

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Things started to go bad without me noticing, didn't know what was wrong, why i was not feeling okey, why did I do bad in my mid-terms, why I was stressed all the time, I didn't know and didn't even notice I wasn't feeling my best, so naturally I didn't search for the reasons.

Things didn't get any better after mid-terms, not as I hoped. I saw stuff happening, some friends changing, some struggling.

For those changing, I denied it, for those who were struggling, I tried helping but everytime there was something in the way and I felt useless for I couldn't do anything, I was worried but felt like there was a wall between us, tried to break it but again couldn't, and that made me sad.

I did so freaking bad in exams, had multiple mental break downs about the possibility of failing the semester, and I did alright, i failed.

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Then I stopped, realised something was wrong, searched for it, found what's wrong.

Now I'm here.

But i'm going to power through this, I'm going to find solutions, then I'm going to move on.

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I don't know if anyone is going to enjoy this article but I felt like rambling to the internet before i put up some other articles where I'm going to be talking about how I get out of this rut so yeah,

Talk to ya soon!!


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