ugh. diets..... am i right?
Diets can affect you good and it can affect you bad.
But. This diet, it's so healthy right?
It gives good energy, it has enough calories.
but do you re-gain your weight or will you binge after this diet?
It depends on you and your body.
But let me tell you my experience...

I started this diet on january 8th till january 22th.
(you can find what i eat in my "what i eat diary" it started around day three)
At first i was so so so motivated and full of happiness because finally i have a diet where i eat three meals a day. Yes you read right, three meals.
Damn december me could not imagine eating three meals a day.

So the first day I was still happy lmao but i noticed that i wasn't really having enough energy to workout (after my breakfast) but I didn't really mind because it was okay (for me).
Well i didn't really have energy during the whole week (maybe because I moved a lot and ate the only meals i had).
The meals were so damn delicious and I was excited to eat them!!!

I don't really know what to say anymore but after all the diet was good(for me).
But i was craving so so so much other food, like fruits or yoghurt or just anything (healthy).
In one week i lost 2.5kg.
I was so happy and continued to eat like that.

The second week was still the same but i didn't have any energy!
i skipped my workouts because of it and my mind was yelling at me saying i am ugly and I'm never gonna have my dream body when i don't workout.
So i took my last energy and drove the bike for one hour. I felt so dizzy but i drank water and thought "shut up anika you're not pretty yet"

after i weighed myself yesterday it showed "59kg". I thought "shit you gained weight" but it didnt make sense because i ate like i did one week ago.
So i blamed myself for not working out enough.

Yesterday was my moms birthday so of course she made cake.
I sat around the table, everyone eating the cake and delicious food:(
Then I decided to eat the damn cake and ate three slices (small slices)
I didn't blame myself or yelled at me.

I enjoyed it....

After that i ate a choco fresh and french toast
So in conclusion I binged

yesterday at 9 i weighed again and it showed 60kg and you know what?
I am still happy and don't regret one bit.
I will eat healthy and enough for me! Food that i enjoy and that is healthy.
(I also lost a lot of my muscle weight which i was so sad about because sometimes i fight with my sister for fun and in this week it was the first time i lost:(... )

So in conclusion:
I would recommend this diet for 1 week (if you eat enough and healthy with vegetables and stuff!!!!) but don't be sad or blame yourself when you re-gain it .
After this diet i started to love my belly (well almost but I don't hate it anymore)

But most important:
just eat healthy and how much you need and after months, maybe sooner as you think, you will loose weight or love your body more and more.

remember you all are beautiful no matter how you look!!!!