Hey hearters!
I am still doing the get to know me challenge....I'm almost halfway done lol.

DAY 13: 5 weaknesses you have

1. Anxiety
I hate when I give into my social anxiety. I start overthinking little things like "am I talking too much?" or "did she look at me like that bc she hates me?". It honestly the worst because I hate not feeling comfortable around friends.

anxiety, life, and live image break, over, and caged image

2. Angry
I do not so much emotion, but if I do it's anger. I can have a short temper most of the time and that's something I should try fixing sometime🤣

danger, neon, and red image anger, toxic, and trait image

3. Being the best
I beat myself up for not getting the best grade, doing the best presentation, etc. because the pressure of college is very real junior year

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4. Not asking for help
I'm such an independent person. I really hate asking for help, because it honestly makes me feel stupid. And most times when I ask people for help, they either don't help me or make me feel like burden.

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5. My phone
I know that i spend waaay too much time in front of a screen. I'm not trying to have bad posture or eyesight so I need to spend less time on my phone and computer.

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That's all for Day 13!!! I hope you all enjoyed and exuse any mistakes.