Hey, hey, today I'll give you some ideas you can include in your bullet journal.

For your personal bullet journal you can use simple notebook, it can be empty inside, stripes or dots, however you prefer. Or you can use some planner or big yearly notebook.

I've been journaling more than a 10 years now, but my notebook didn't have a name. I called it notebook for everything. In the past 3-4 years the name bullet journal appeared. I still write it, but now it's not about homework it's about work and meetings, so my notebook grew up with me :D
Here we go :)

Year calendar

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Highlight the most important dates in a year, so when you open it will pop up

Monthly view

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You can make a table for every month and schedule important meetings, deadlines and exams

Weekly and daily view

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Here you can write your daily tasks, organize work or studying and schedule your activities

Mood tracker

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You can color your mood in different colors, so you can track it every month or year


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Write birthdays of your family and friends so you won't forget


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You can write your favorite quotes, motivational quotes, lyrics of your favorite songs.. Whatever you like :)


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Playlists, movies and series to watch, books to read, money savings, favourites... Draw, doodle, put some washi tapes or stickers :)

That's it for now. I hope you will use of these ideas in your bullet journal :)
FireproofSoul xx

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